Endeavour has changed me

I was never a Arch Linux user because I would always have issues with the installer and getting a working system up and running. The rolling release always intrigued me so always had high hopes to one day get into Arch Linux. Recently I ran across EndeavourOS and from the start I have been blown away from how easy it is use to how reliable its been. Thank you for making Arch Linux based distro so much easier to install and maintain.

My one and only hold back from turning this on my work computer is no ability to install OpenVPN3 client that I need to do my job. I know I can use the builtin OpenVPN client in Network Manager but I would prefer to use the latest VPN client. Once that is supported I will be changing over to EndeavourOS on that machine too.

So again this is just a big thank you, and I am pleasantly surprised.


Hi and welcome to the forum @OttoPresser

Hello Otto, welcome.

Have you tried, yay -S openvpn3

I believe so but will give it try again. I may have been just trying pacman.

This package is in the AUR repository: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/openvpn3, so you should use yay instead of pacman.

So question then, when should I use yay and when should I use pacman?

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Appreciate the clarification.

So running into this issue. When I try to use openvpn3 client to VPN in I get this error.

** Aborted **
** ERROR ** Failed to disconnect tunnel (object does not exist)

Apparently there is a issue but hasn’t been addressed yet.

Try this:

Note: I didn’t test nor read the code suggested there, read carefully before applying it.

That worked finally. Thank you again.

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Hello Otto :wave:
Very glad to see your going forward with this great OS :smiley:

Looking forward to read about your approach to a rolling distribution as this was your objective :penguin:

General users can always learn from different experiences coming to the forum and share some software glitches that get troubleshooted by our superb knowledgeable volunteers :smiley:

I wish you the best computing times on your machines that you ever had! :vulcan_salute:

Take care,

Welcome to community! :smile:

AUR has openvpn3 package.
There seem to be others related, so if interested, use command

yay -Ss openvpn3

to see some more about them.

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