Should I use git or yay or pacman to install packages?

How do i know which one to use?

Pacman installs packages from only the repos.

Yay installs packages from both the repos and the AUR.

You shouldn’t generally be using git to install packages. This one is a little vague because git can be used to download data from a remote repo so it has a lot of different uses.

I generally use yay/paru to install and update packages.

In case it wasn’t clear yay and paru are similar tools that serve the same purpose.


I believe that pacman is the only OFFICIALLY supported package manager.
That means a lot to me in making my choice.

I use yay when installing from the AUR.
So either pacman or yay depending what I am installing from.



On Arch Linux, whenever you install a package, whether from the repos or a “foreign” package, you should always use pacman (or some other ALPM interface).

git will not install a package, it will download files from a remote git repo. You can then use makepkg to build a “foreign” package which you can install with pacman.

When it comes to the AUR, yay does that automatically – it downloads the source files, builds a package and then installs it using ALPM.


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