Endeavour and Discovery website with Ad blocker

Could you visit both the Endeavour site and the Discovery site with an Adblocker enabled (not the forum) to see if the images (both logo and post images) show?

With the Discovery site I also want to know if the single post page shows images.

Thank you in advance.

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i use ublocker origin and duckduck thingy, works with it

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In addition to using what @ringo uses, I use AdGuard Adblocker and Privacy Badger (in FireFox) and have no issues on either site.

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To remove confusion, the plugin Adblocker and browser Adblock maybe don’t work the same, I don’t know !

So here on ADBLOCK browser from mobile :

  • is necessary to deactive Block ads on this site to see pictures on all site
  • with Block ads on the site deactivated, we don’t see pictures on second single page article from NEWS and DISCOVERY all the rest is neat.
  • Wiki page is well now

On ADBLOCK browser, it’s possible to keep Block Ads on tbe site activated but in this case needs to add : endeavouros. com in the white list, at this moment we see exatly the same than UP.

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I have received messages from people who can’t see the images with ad blocker, but I can’t reproduce it either and I didn’t whitelist either.







Sorry I was speaking on mobile, on computer I use Adblocker and see everything as well, no problem…

It wasn’t in response to you, but @keith doesn’t see them on different machines and I’m puzzled at this moment. The images passed every ad block pass test in the settings and it’s not a permission issue either.

I just rechecked even on Safari and it works from computer side…from what I read, it happens often with the Jetpack theme plugin…some people has to reload pictures sometimes to get it work or deactivate this plugin…

I read that also but it seems to be showing that behaviour very randomly.

Yep, I read the same. In all the way if it works for majority, that’s ok, this is the result from too much variety, at the end it couldn’t work for everybody, is necessary to make choice which gives an identity…

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The current Discovery layout is a derivative from the very first layout and this is the look I had in mind, so I keep it like this.

I prefer this active one, cause we have a better global view on the article written but we don’t have a view on all articles… It misses a global page Mag classified by month that regroup all names software or article links like Wiki page to have a global view from each article by year in Discovery. Something like : See all articles 2019

It must be something in my browser settings. I have ABP with just the default filters.

It’s just odd that it doesn’t happen on any other web sites.


Just so others can see what I don’t see. :grinning:


However, the important thing is, I can still read the articles. :white_check_mark:


@Bryanpwo Unless someone else has a problem, keep is as it is. It doesn’t impact me in any way.

  • I will always “Endeavour to persevere.” :wink:
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The archives area on the right will eventually do that.

Great for computer, it’s exartly this… the link doesn’t appear on mobile, pity. It’s the kind of actu I like to read on smartphone.

The Endeavour site showed that info on al devices, but I received a lot of complaints in the beginning that the menu was causing problems on phones, so that’s why I’ve changed the layout to a minimal site on phones, not tablets.

firefox-adblock-plus seems to be working well here.

For now, it’s ok on phone with some settings, the only thing that changed these last time cause it was working before, I couldn’t disconnect from mobile EOS website when logged cause when I click on my Pseudo nothing happens, I remember before to get few options with Disconnect.

So the only way to disconnect on ADBLOCK browser is to close all pages, clean cash and then QUIT on the browser.

I use firefox with ublock-origin and no-srcipt -addons (and a few more) and in both addons i must enable the “wp.com” (wordpress) tracker, which is disabled by default, to see the pictures. So i think it is a wordpress-plugin you are using and beeing blocked by some addblockers and browser configuration.

I tried white-listed wp.com, but no luck. Changed some chrome settings, nope. Turned off Ublock, i-don’t-care-about-cookies. No change.

I still don’t know what is causing this on my systems.