Endeavour and Discovery website with Ad blocker

@keith have you cleared the browser’s cache?

Is this behaviour on both websites?

Yes, clear cache.


I found the cause! I turned off all the filters, then one by one, turned them back on, checked the site, etc.

Fanboy’s Social Blocking List is the culprit. There’s over 200 entries on the source, so rather than figure out which one(s) are causing trouble, I’ll just turn it off.


It gets installed when you check the “Block social media icons tracking” box.


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Yes it is on both websites. I remember when i first checked endeavouros homepage in July, the wp-plugin cames from involving something from antergos. and i have to whitelist them twice.

Thank you for your answer, like FLVAL already says, it is most likely Jetpack that’s causing this behaviour for some users.
Both websites use the paid version of it and it’s been paid for a year in advance.

To those who aren’t familiar with all this, Jetpack is a tool that has several services like an anti spam filter, website backups, it protects the sites from threats/attacks and it has several analytic tools, for which you normally pay more if you buy them separately.