Endeavor Stable on HP Pavilion Gaming

Hi all. I am sort of a newbie here. I have Endeavour Stable on a multi monitor desktop that has performed flawlessly for a year… actually more. I also run Manjaro Stable on another multi monitor desktop and on my HP Pavilion Gaming laptop dual boot with Windoze.

I like Endeavour. The laptop is an AMD Ryzen 4800 H with AMD graphics. In addition to that it has an NVidia GTX 1650Ti. card. I bought the laptop to use for creative work–photo editing and some video work as well. Color space on the laptop monitor is poor so its necessary for me to plug in an external monitor with better color space for much of anything. Under Windoze this works flawlessly. Under Manjaro its a continual PITA. I have spent numerous hours on the Manjo forum trying to sort this out, uninstalled , reinstalled TLPUI, uninstalled,reinstalled the graphics drivers holy water, phase of the moon yadayada and I am still unable to make the 1650Ti drive an external monitor under Manjaro. The monitor appears correctly in KDE system settings, the OS knows what it is but nothing I can do makes the monitor display video. Reboot into Windoze and its there…

I am not here to run down Manjaro nor to ask for help on another distro. I am thinking about canning Manjaro and installing Endeavour stable…and wondered if anyone has experience with a like or similar laptop and wouldnt mind sharing it…
Also, thanks very much to everyone here for the “What are you listening to now” thread… lots of whats shared falls victim to Audacity on one of my systems and is in my music library…

Many thanks to all.

With that amazing lifestyle change @expat42451 you will live beyond :100:

My experience here has been there will someone here who can get anything to work on :enos: It happened with my discontinued bluetooth card and with my Canon printer that according to Canon is only supported on Debian. It even scans.

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The Lord works in mysterious ways!


Thanks to both of you for the kindness very much…
HMS_Endeavour… Before I wrote my screed I biked 15 Km on the side of Cotacachi volcano where I live in northern Ecuador. I am 71 and hope for 100… the route not on pavement for about 60% of it and a number of steep hills, some scree and larger rocks…thanks very much for the 100 wish…

Ivanhoe… yes He does, Blesses me with my health and with good wishes as well here on the forum thanks very much for the kindness…
So we shall see…the temptation is to nuke and pave the SSD and just go for it… however I shall remain restrained until we hear more…
Thanks to you both for the kindness and hospitality…

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Sounds like you have an amazing lifestyle on Guadeloupe… Got any waves there?? I havent been out to the coast in a couple years but we used to get some pretty decent sets around Esmeraldas, occasionally Canoa and one small bay south of Esmeraldas, Estero de Platanos. Not as good as some of the places in Mexico but not bad. Moderators sorry for the thread drift. What happens when you surf with Aussies who make you look like a drunk monkey on a piece of driftwood :slight_smile:

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I think they will ask you to move it to :envelope_with_arrow:
We will keep the forum to get your laptop working.


There are several methods available.
You could look at the following articles:


Thanks very much for the great info. I will look into both of these and report back on what I find. I have a couple of M2 drives in one of my desktops and may swap one of them out with the drive in the laptop and put Endeavour on that to give it a try.
Again many thanks for sharing this info. I have never seen the Endeavour page you linked, lots of great info there!


Shrank Windoze with GParted. Installed Endeavour with the Plasma desktop. . Installed Optimus-manager.git – the laptop is a combination of AMD and NVIDIA gfx. Didnt enable the _with_plasma=true, its absolutely simple to use CLI. Worked the first time and every time. I did notice with TLP switching doesnt work on battery power which is just fine by me. So I have a triple boot laptop and Endeavour seems faster than Manjo.

What else I did do was to boot into Manjo, installed Optimus-manager.git same way I did on Endeavour and it works there as well. I am like a dog with two tails I dont know which one to wag…Thak you Manuel for the excellent links-- thanks to the Discovery page as well for the concise, easy to follow instructions and thanks to everyone here for the kindness, welcome and hospitality…

Great that you got it working! :+1:

And it is your system - you decide what to use and how. :wink:

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