DWM Tweaks (Panel, Desktop & Status)

A small tutorial (FWIW)…



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Thank you for that. I have been trying out several WMs in the last few weeks (lockdown) and decided that Openbox (stacking and tiling with keybinds) is still the best with BSPWM coming a strong second as a pure tiling WM. However, I am about to start on a fresh install of Arch with DWM, dmenu and ST, all direct from the suckless site and not from AUR. I already have a compiled dmenu and ST but to date, dwm has always eluded me. I’ll certainly look into your dotfiles when I am up and running.

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On my site you’ll find my journey down those identical trails… Openbox, bspwm, hlwm and now dwm. I keep making my desktops skinnier probably because my waist line is going the other way. :wink:


I’ve been on DWM, ST and Dmenu for about a week now and I’m really sold on this combination. I compiled them from the Suckless.org site and added a couple of patches to each and I really think this is the answer to tiling window managers. The whole point is that tiling window managers are meant to offer a minimal linux setup and it’s probably difficult to get anything more minimal than this. Of course I also have feh for a background and firefox for the web, plus one or two essential programs. It’s the keybindings in DWM that just make this combination a winner for me. It’s also fun patching and tweaking!

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How dare you?! :laughing:
Such a bloat. (с) Luke Smith

Use lynx! :sunglasses:

Wonder which ones do you use though? :slight_smile:

Yes Luke Smith would never speak to me again (obviously he doesn’t now!). I can’t bring myself to switch to surf.

For DWM I added the ‘alpha’ diff which is completely unnecessary and the ‘full-gaps’ diff because I like to see the background wallpaper a little. For ST I added ‘alpha’ (of course) and two scrollbacks. I also did my own modifications to config.def.h to get the colors I like (the patches never work), and the right size of font. For Dmenu, I added the ‘center’ diff and then modified the config.def.h file to have a center vertical block with the colours I like.

In Dmenu, I’m using ‘dwb-bar’ for the status. I have also used ‘slstatus’, but on balance I prefer dwm-bar. I may have a look at Dwmblocks.

IMHO, these three, DWM, DMenu and ST are designed to run together and do it very nicely.

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Funnily enough, he’s a proud Brave user.


I won’t speak to him anymore, until he’ll use proper text-browser like lynx :sunglasses:

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