Duplicate or residual icons on tray after closing program and black background behind programs

Hey there,

I just installed Deepin DE with the EndeavourOS (that is to say, this is a fresh install of EOS) and I’m noticing some bugs in the DE (of course, this is not criticism, but rather I’d like to bring it to your attention and try to solve them.

My first encountered bug is that whenever I run a program, I often get duplicate icons in the tray, and whenever I close a program normally, one of them sticks there with an empty preview and refuses to disappear (even after forcing close, or selecting close all).

My second bug is that whenever I press Alt or Win, it seems that a black background appears behind some windows. For example, having a non-maximized window up front of my desktop background and pressing Win causes a thick black edge (or black background) to appear behind the window (as if the effects mess up).

The first bug can be “worked around” by simply reopening the same program, a new icon won’t reappear in the tray, rather deepin uses the already present icon. Closing this program then removes the remaining icon.

If anything I’ve written here is unclear, please say so, so I can explain the problem better in order to converge to a solution.

Thank you,

While it’s not really much help, I think it’s safe to say these issues aren’t just something you are seeing (personally, I have seen the empty icon thing as well). The other thing you mention I didn’t see personally, but maybe somebody else has and can offer a work around. In general though, the latest version is buggy, but improving.

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Thanks. I guess I’ll go back to i3 in the meantime. Plus, I’m kind of scared of spywares nowadays… (with China or NA/EU ones).

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