Due to a bug with Community posts on youtube, you can get thousands of viewers near instantly! Use this opportunity to increase Linux coverage and to force youtube to fix the algorithm!

If you are a Youtube content creator making Linux/tech related content, there is a glitch in the system that allows you to gain Millions of views and subs. Youtube is refusing to fix it, so exploit it to force youtube to fix it and spread your reach ti a wider audience.

One of the reasons why Linux is not widely adopted is the fact thay people simply don’t know what it is. If you are making tech or Linux based content on youtube, use this exploit to reach a far wider audience while you still can. You will be helping the Linux community grow, you will get more viewer interactions, and will incentivise youtube to fix this exploit.

Simply create community polls with common search terms in the description.

An example would be

We can include terms like baby shark and

pewdiepie to really broaden the audience and then spice it up with some among us and Minecraft crossed with the hit new youtube sensation that is rust on the OTV server featuring twitch funny moments from

jackscepticeye. I also have to mention music, asmr and markiplier that are all important terms here on youtube. Let us not forget of course the makeup and fashion community

by referencing shane dawson and james charles. Now whilst this is COMPLETE GIBBERISH to most an algorithm is able to pick out the specific key terms in this post and promote it accordingly. So lets support the Kpop stans by mentioning bts and lofi hip hop. We can even talk about some other big channels like mrbeast and dantdm. For some reason in 2020 some of the most searched

tags are game of thrones and avengers endgame… Let us of course not forget the most important things of the year like dunke peppa pig and roblox! Time for all the top

current searches Among Us - online game,

new song 2020, pop smoke and techno

gamerz and tubbo smp! Time For todays new aditions in SEO too: Thanos, fifa, joe biden, inauguration, Tommy, sidemen, mod, update, rt game, yogscast, the spiffing brit, game, predator, fortnite update, fortnite predator, boss! Lets glitch the youtube algorithm

Help the community grow and force youtube to fix this otterly broken mess!


Gimme a break :rofl:

I think i know why that youtube bug still exists, like that Instagram auto-subscription cool stories :joy:

:clown_face: :earth_africa:

P.S. Which doesn’t mean that STONKS!!!111 Linux YouTube is not a nice idea :upside_down_face:


That is quite the exaggeration of what appears relatively harmless, probably not the best idea to use this forum to promote something like this. If you feel this strongly about this there are surely better places for it.


Eh, maybe you’re right. I’ll just leave this up to any content creators we might have to decide.
We do have content creators here, right?