Duckduckgo desktop browser

Just wanted to see some other peoples opinion on this:

kinda bummed they use webview2, (if im correct), either way it would be googles product, again


There are some being expressed here:


It’s not economical to build it from scratch unless it has to.
I guess their base albeit Google’s product, is good enough for privacy’s concern.

I am not sure about a destop browser but I tested their android browser.
Although the idea sounds good the implementation is bad. They’ve put too much effort into useless visualisation and presentation how they “protected/deleted my sensitive data” and what not. And yet they were missing even basic adblocker, script blocker.
So for me the browser was too inconvinient to use.
If they chose the same approach for a destop app I will not be impressed.

The Android version of DuckDuckGo-Browser is working really nice. I would be happy if it could be possible to have a desktop version for Linux.