Dual booting EndeavourOS using MBR legacy - manual partitioning question

Hi. I am trying to install EndeavourOS as dual boot on a system already running Windows 10. The system is legacy BIOS and C: is MBR. I am following the steps in this topic - [root] Linux dual-boot Windows

I’m having trouble creating the boot partition. The steps say to use bios-boot as the flag for the boot partition but I don’t have a bios-boot flag available on the list. The closest seems to be legacy-boot. Is it OK to use legacy-boot instead?

this should be what you want.

I tried it and it installed correctly but will not boot from the drive I installed it on.

Ok I think I managed. I’m not sure what changed, but booting from the live USB was slightly different this time. It didn’t give me the systemd bootloader option, only grub2. So I picked that. After creating the partitions the same way, with boot flagged as legacy-boot, I got a warning to create a GPT partition table with an unformatted 8MB partition flagged as bios-grub. I went back, deleted all the partitions, created new partition table as GPT and remade the partitions including the new 8MB one. And now everything is booting correctly. Thank you

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