Dual Boot with Windows: Correct Mountpoint

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I’ve been using EndeavourOS for about a year now and I’m loving it. On my work computer I need to have Windows installed, but I would like to add an additional EOS for dual-booting. I’ve consulted many sources online, but I’m still unsure about some details and hoped you might be able to clear things up (thanks in advance!):

  1. Many sources (like here and here state that I need to create a /boot/efi partition with a fat32 file system for which you have to set the boot flag. However, the EOS Installer warns me that “the filesystem must be mounted on /efi”. Is this also the case if I want to dual boot with Windows 11?
  2. In a video I saw that a root flag was set for the / partition, but I couldn’t find any information on this practice. Is the root flag necessary? And if optional, why would I set it?
  3. It seems as if the Bootloader section was only recently added to the EOS Installer. I know there is a Windows Bootloader, so is it save to use the recommended systemd-boot in case of dual-booting?

As I’ve said, it would be most awesome if you could help me with a quick answer!

The new default bootloader being systemd-boot, it needs the ESP to be mounted at /efi.
Also, if I am not mistaken, the default size for it is 1000 MB since it will house your kernel images.
It you would opt for Grub, instead, the previous recommendation to mount it at /boot/efi is still valid.

Yes. To my knowledge, if you have both Windows and EnOS on the same disk, then an entry for booting your Windows via systemd-boot menu will be created automatically.

If you have them on separate disks, you would need to take some steps yourself to add Windows boot entry.
See: [Tutorial] Add a systemd-boot loader Menu entry for a Windows installation using a separate ESP Partition

Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!

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You are welcome! Glad you made it!

And welcome to EnOS’ community!

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Windows 11 (and 10 as well) creates the EFI partition of a size of 100MB by default while EndeavourOS with systemd-boot dual boot requires at least 118MB - I faced that for the very first time once I’ve been installing EnOS next to W11 recently, so I had to do partitioning in a manual way using gparted. Intersting is grub requires way less space, it was handling W11, EnOS and Manjaro kernels using those generic 100MBs.

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By default, the installer creates a 1000 M ESP:

efiSystemPartitionSize: 1000M

See: https://github.com/bittin/EndeavourOS-calamares/blob/main/calamares/modules/partition.conf

This partition is mounted at /efi for systemd-boot and harbors kernel-images and boot files.

That is because the ESP in this case only contains the bootloader and no kernel images which is the case with systemd-boot.

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Now I get it, we’ve been referring to the two different things; I was describing what windows instalator does, you what Calmares does, hehe :slight_smile:

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