DT's 2022 Linux predictions

Here are DT’s predictions for Linux in 2022. Some of them are quite strange, not something I would have though of:

  1. Ubuntu will drop GNOME DE from their main edition.
  2. Canonical will drop snapd and abandon the whole thing in favour of Flatpak.
  3. Micro$oft will release Office for Linux.
  4. Adobe will continue to pretend Linux does not exist.
  5. Nvidya will continue to suck and not open-source their drivers (that one is obvious), but they will release large code dumps for Noveau to use.
  6. Steam Deck will be a huge success, but it’s not going to ship on time.
  7. We’ll see an emacs-centric Linux distro.
  8. There won’t be a Slackware release in 2022.
  9. At least five out of the top ten distros on Distrowatch’s top 100 distros will be based on Arch.
  10. Micro$oft is going to buy SUSE Linux.

I wonder on which points he is right and on which ones he is not. I think he is right on 4, 6, 8 and 9. Especially no. 9, I think that one is almost certain. I think he is wrong on 7, almost certainly. And the others I find quite unlikely.

But time will tell, of course.

I hope the new year has started well for you.


I will agree on 5, 6 and 9. The rest i don’t know.

i would buy it


I would too, then work would be VERY easy.

what could be number 5 ?

  1. Manjaro
  2. EndeavourOS
  3. Garuda
  4. ArcoLinux
  5. ? Archlinux ? :laughing:
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Joshua Strobl


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As many of you know, I had previously announced plans to stream during the start of this new year to kick off development of new web infrastructure and wrap up a couple development items. Streams are canceled on part of this: I am resigning from Solus.


for nr 10 would be more, Microsoft would buy ubuntu… :slight_smile:

and nr 2 , snapd they dont drop because its designed for ubuntu core

and taking back unity ? its stil maintained but stil … :slight_smile: probably they keep it

i heard ubuntu want to buy Budgie :wink:

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Wow! Wasn’t expecting this. :thinking:

Thanks for recap, now I can continue to ignore DT. :rofl:

My reaction:

  1. Ubuntu will stick with Gnome
  2. Canonical will double down on Snap and make more of the distro Snap based, i.e. kernel, wayland, etc.
  3. Microsoft will not release Office for Linux, not enough money in it for them.
  4. Adobe will continue to ignore Linux.
  5. Nvidia will not open source their drivers
  6. Steam Deck? Don’t care.
  7. Emacs centric distro? Don’t care.
  8. Slackware will release in 2022, but it does not matter.
  9. Five out of the top ten distros based on Arch? Don’t care.
  10. Microsoft will not waste their money buying a Linux distro, it makes no financial sense.

I highly doubt either of these

as they always likely will

maybe, theres lots of hype but steam machines also had a fair amount of hype

They have online versions of office products why would they release it for linux? Also why buy Suse? They dont have any real reason to afaik

Nvidia doesnt care about Noveau in any way unless it benefits them and giving Noveau much of anything outside of Tegra isnt likely.

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  1. Ubuntu will continue with Gnome.
  2. I’d like Flatpak to take over, but I doubt Snapd will cease its existence.
  3. Curious what tools are in the Office suite that do not yet exist on Linux?
  4. Adobe will continue to pretend Linux does not exist.
  5. Nvidia will continue to suck. If GPUs ever return to a normal price point I’m replacing mine with an AMD card.
  6. I’ve preordered a Steam deck, so I hope it will be an incredible success. I’ve wanted a decent handheld for a long time, and from the looks of it I’ll be able to do whatever I want with it, including running the catalogue of non-steam games I currently have.
  7. Not an emac user.
  8. No opinion on Slackware.
  9. I hope not. I’d much rather see non-forks climb up alongside Arch. When all the popular distros have the same base, Linux becomes dull. It’d be like the Android rom community, where now all that differentiates most of them is a logo…
  10. I hope not. I have nothing but distaste for Microsoft, and SUSE is a valuable part of Linux.
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Let me tell you how Linux will look like!
Just a moment…


In 2022 it’s gonna be…


Did i missed something the last 10 Years or longer? Since Microsoft Office suggests to use ODF Format, i never had any Problems with any Documents the last 10 Years. Sure, there are some Documents wich HEAVY relying on Macro, Scripts, Formulas and co, but this is a dead horse too.

In my circle of customers, i have not seen a single machine anymore, wich are able/allowed to run Macros/Scripts anyway because of security reason.

99% of the Customers didnt use Microsoft Office “in the classic way” anyway. They use it only to write something, saving that as pdf, and send that PDF via email into the void :smiley:

The only Reason why 99% of the mentioned Clients use Office, is because they pulls they licenses for Windows via VLSC and in this way, its costs only few pennies to bundle Office with Windows (mostly because of Outlook/Exchange)

Long Story short: The last time i heard complains about compatibility of documents, is over 10 Years ago.

But my 2 cents for 1-10:

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My company doesn’t care about formats. They pay for me to have an exchange account. I have an IT department. It likely wouldn’t fly anyway, as I’m sure they’d still want me to use Windows.

I regularly try things at work on only office (because it’s by miles the closest thing to excel, which I use a lot of). And I still regularly have compatibility issues.

Thats what i said. If somebody do a fresh install of office, and starts using it directly, office saves anything in odf format. The user must first dig 9234723904 menues and submenues to enable/force to save to microsoft properity format (and so to break compatibility) :smile:

Or the user use specific macros/skripts or formulas. then office suggest to save to microsoft properity format, to be sure that everything is correct and working like wanted.

But this, didnt occur in year 2022 anymore (in my bubble).

That was a great step from Microsoft, to do this this way. That was the Milestone where Officesuites like Libreoffice was finaly able to be 100% compatible (because they use ODF too).

Sure there are exceptions like mentioned. And most time problems occurs, if somebody have Documents wich were created with Office XP/2007 for example. Or documents from people, wich still uses such old offices suites. But then, they have bigger problems :laughing:

When will they start this? My work computer I literally just got, and everything still saves in .xlsx currently. . . That’s the default everyone at work uses. . .

Your literally already using. xlsx is only the extensionname, but internaly (the specs), its odf specs. The older, properity one, was xls.

You could search for “microsoft exclusive” formulas, put it in, and press the save button. Than you should get a Warning/Information that saving this in xlsx could lead to problems because the formulas didnt exist in other suites for example.

Interesting. I will have to give this a shot. The last time I tried was maybe July or August with excel to OnlyOffice. I’ll definitely give this a shot again to see if it’s working now as you suggest!! I usually use OnlyOffice these days because it’s much better with compatibility, but I’ll give LibreOffice another shot too. I’m super excited to hear Microsoft is finally doing something helpful for once!! I’ve been waiting decades for full compatibility of office suites