Drives not visible

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install EndeavourOS besides Windows 10 on my notebook.

After disabling secureboot I was able to start the live image. Unfortunately, I can’t find all of my drives in gparted but just one SSD (2.5") and the usb stick. But I have three more nvme M.2 drives and one of them is empty (512 GB) which I wanted to use for Linux only. All the others ones need to stay as is.

Has anybody an idea why I cant find my drives? I googled a bit and found a similar topic that suggestes to add nvme_load=yes but that is already part of the default string as of now.

Best regards and many thanks in advance

From the Live Iso, what does lsblk -f show?

The same.

Sda with sda1/sda2
Sdb with sfb1/sdb2 (usb drive)

Check Cannot install in Dual boot with Windows 11: SSD not detected for a solution

with linux and windows together (I personally thinks its awful) I had to format the space you want to allot for Linux distro X in diskmgmt (or whatever) in windows. there’s a way to do it.

in other words you can’t lead the live distro to windows and have it do its thing.
you have to bring to the live distro a nice ready space that you and windows prepared together for the linux.

2 cents. worked for me…one of those tutorials I DDG’d with the words ‘create linux partition in windows’ and followed it precisely.

you might be able to use the brute strength of gparted to muscle it in (I often do) but the one and only side-by-side success I ever had was prepping it for linux in windows. edit/typo