Drives not visible

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install EndeavourOS besides Windows 10 on my notebook.

After disabling secureboot I was able to start the live image. Unfortunately, I can’t find all of my drives in gparted but just one SSD (2.5") and the usb stick. But I have three more nvme M.2 drives and one of them is empty (512 GB) which I wanted to use for Linux only. All the others ones need to stay as is.

Has anybody an idea why I cant find my drives? I googled a bit and found a similar topic that suggestes to add nvme_load=yes but that is already part of the default string as of now.

Best regards and many thanks in advance

From the Live Iso, what does lsblk -f show?

The same.

Sda with sda1/sda2
Sdb with sfb1/sdb2 (usb drive)