Dreams and things I'm looking forward to

Things I’d like to see in Cassini or another future release? rEFInd boot manager, runit instead of systemd, maybe HAMMER2 support?

Things I’m looking forward to? KDE 5.26 and the Linux 6.0 kernel :slight_smile:


While changing out systemd is extremely unlikely, and I can’t find anything in Arch about hammer 2 (repos or AUR) so that’s also very unlikely.

Refind is actually possible after the grub thing.

Kde updates and kernel 6 will come whenever it gets to Arch.

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You can get both of these from the AUR.

Unnecessary maintainence burden.

Really? Some people here have just started experimenting with ZFS and many are scared from BTRFS and stick to ext4, adding hammer2 would be too fast :rofl: Also does it have any usecase except Dragonfly BSD?


Installer options to select systemd boot, grub or rEFInd?


Can you tell us, why exactly you’re looking forward to these?

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I always usually look forward to kernel improvements and GUI improvements :slight_smile:

I’ve also been looking into alternatives to GRUB since the issue that stung a lot of people, rEFInd seems good. I also prefer a lighter init system like runit opposed to systemd for less variables of issues, better performance and less security threat vectors. HAMMER2 is also a very promising storage system.


Kernel improvements, ok. As long as they really are that, improvements.
When it comes GUI improvements - well… beauty always “lies” in the eyes of the beholder, some say. :wink:

I was meh about the new features in the beta, but I am looking forward to bug fixes, including the one for this.

I can remember…

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I doubt that EOS will fulfill your dream of a systemd-free system.
But there are quite a few more or less well working systemd-free distributions.
Just have a look here.

I think I’ll hop for a bit until Cassini, maybe try out Nobara and Modicia

I have used only systemd-free distributions for many years. However, for various reasons, none of them really satisfied me. It seems like a fight against windmills, which is getting more and more difficult. Dependencies are created everywhere - even if they are not needed. Many of these distros simply don’t have the manpower to create a reliable working environment.

I still struggle with it, but I just don’t like to have to constantly tinker to make everything work or do without this or that tool because it’s not in the respective repos.

But I wish you good luck that you find something reasonable for your purposes.