"Don't show again" for eos-welcome

After each installation of eos plasma, I had to google “disable endeavouros welcome app”. As a result, I’ve well memorized the command eos-welcome --disable but I really shouldn’t have to.

Is there a “don’t show again” checkbox hidden somewhere, or will there be one?


Gosh my eyes must have been blind all the time :robot: Thanks for pointing out that big fat button.

But still, the layout seems improvable to me. “Software News”, “Changelog” and “Help” are nouns, fundamentally different from “don’t show me anymore” which is a verb, a very general well-expected action for welcome apps that shouldn’t hide among the grid of buttons with no emphasis.

It would be nice if “Software News”, “Changelog” and “Help” are moved to the grid above or to another tab, add a “close” button, and change the “don’t show me anymore” to a checkbox.

I remember looking for it myself at one point (knowing it was there) and not seeing it either, I agree that maybe having it stand out a bit more might be better but I have seen things designed way worse with options in places that make zero sense at all.


We are a small team of developers and enthusiast. We are not English Majors.


We are open to any suggestions and we have changed and slimmed down the layout several times thanks to community suggestions. The logic behind the placement is in an order of importance and not because of an order of English grammar rules. Sometimes choices have to be made in the space and time we have to work in. (It’s just a fun project besides our regular lives)


They’re correlated. Among all the buttons, the only one that will be clicked sooner or later is “Don’t show me anymore”. This shows its top importance, and it is not accidental that it is grammatically different from the rest.

I could do the job if you’re open for contribution.

I never will ! Neveeeeeeeeeeeeeer !
eos-welcome is my best friend.

Do you really want your friend greeting you at your bed each time you wake up

We’re very open to any contribution, just keep in mind we are doing this for the fun of it. At the moment, you come across as pedantic to me. This may not be your intention at all but as the project leader you didn’t send a positive vibe that sounds very inviting to work with you.

If you still want to, you can contact me by sending a pm.


For you the button you would click is Don’t Show Anymore however there are several people who use the tool and want it to display every boot.

Seems to me you more concerned with the Language than functionality of the system. We always welcome help however I don’t know that we are as invested in the Language as you may wish us to be.

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Emphasizing the button won’t deprive their right of doing so.

Sorry if my attempted explanation was distracting, but the original motivation should still be straightforward: I want the tool to have a clear option to stop autostarting itself. And if this doesn’t hurt existing functionalities, I can do the coding, including the implementation and the collecting of statistics for justifying this feature if necessary.

It does if you click on the don’t show me anymore


I would venture to say that since the creation of this project we have probably had around 5 hundred thousand users. You are the only one who I have ever seen complain about the Language. It seems to be a problem more for you not the rest of us.


I know it sounds dumb (well…) but I use these buttons quite often
I even call the app instead of eos-pacdiff and sometimes to update the mirrors or even eos-update --aur:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
eos-log-tool might probably come in handy at some point

Anyway, as for the “don’t show again” button I don’t care where it is or how it’s called because I just close the panel and am happy to see it every other reboot (which isn’t that often here).


I don’t understand, isn’t it what this verry button achieives ?


As I already wrote, just contact me if you want to, I AM the project leader after all, also take a look at our GitHub page on how to contribute.