“Don’t show again” for eos-welcome

Follow-up of "Don't show again" for eos-welcome - #3 by champignoom

It turns out that I wasn’t blind. There’s indeed a confusing difference betwwen the autostarted welcome and the manually started one.

I believe such difference is unlikely to be necessary.

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Screenshot from 2024-03-13 17-43-53


  1. The choice to let it not show anymore shouldn’t have much to do with network connection.
  2. With much less severity: that’s a bug. Both screenshots are taken with working wifi connection.

I agree.

Not sure why it says “no internet connection available” on the first one (the autostarted one?).
A bug? Might be.

Perhaps @manuel could look into this?

sudo pacman -R welcome

Problem solved, permanently. It will never show itself again! :grin:


I would be very surprised if less than half of the users observe this behavior, since I installed endeavourOS several times, and until this time, I always had to search — through autoconnected wifi — how to stop the welcome app from autostarting, after it autostarted yet another time.

Thanks for the report! :+1:

Changed Welcome in version 24.5-1, now it does not hide those buttons on an installed system.

Welcome checks the availability of the internet connection rather early, and wifi connection might not be available at that time, even if it exists a bit later.