Donate your Voice to an open source project by Mozilla

An open source project by Mozilla to house a library if human speech for use in voice recognition, AI, etc. Fully anonymous as well!


Had some fun putting my radiovoice to use!

Yes, let’s have our toasters and robot vacuum cleaners listen to all conversation around them, transcribe it to text and sell it to the highest bidder.

An open source AI for voice recognition, what a brilliant idea! As if there wasn’t already enough of such rubbish out there.


Fully anonymous my @ss:unamused:

At least if you provide your voice sample you will get a personalized spyware with the most accurate recognision of yourself. No misinterpretation guaranteed. :rofl:


Soon will have finger print readers on the keyboards and if that doesn’t work the camera will get you with face recognition and the mic will pick you up with voice recognition all the while taking a DNA sample as you type. :unamused:

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