Does EndeavourOS KDE have Neofetch or something similar? What app do you recommend?

Hi friends.

I would like to know if EOS comes with something similar to Neofetch or if I should install it.

If I have to install it, do you recommend Neofetch, or another similar program? Because I don’t know if there are many differences between these programs.

I know Neofetch, but I saw one called Fastfetch, and another that didn’t use ascii fonts, so I guess there are many of these programs, but I don’t know which one is the “best” or the “standard.”

Thanks in advance.

Have a look here:


“Best” is completely subjective. What is best to me, may not be for you, or others. As for “standard”, seems the standards (most used) were Neofetch and Screenfetch. Personally, I prefer Fastfetch.

But there are MANY others.


Here’s the list from Arch:


Thank you all very much, friends! Those links were very helpful.

Some of them look really good, but for convenience I have chosen “inxi -F”, since it is the only one that comes preinstalled with EOS and you also get more system information than with for example Neofetch (or so I think).

Thanks again!


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