Does anyone know how to install tar.gz files?

Sorry, arch noob here. Still on my first week of arch after using mint for a couple of months. Any help? Guides online kinda suck or don’t work.

There is no universal way to install a tar.gz file, it depends what is inside of it.

Can you share what it is and where you got it from? Otherwise your best bet is to unpack it and see what is inside of it.

A tar.gz is the linux equivalent of a .zip file on Windows.

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pkg.tar.zst you can install what would be a arch compatible package then :wink:

I’m trying to get libreoffice. Its a rpm.tar.gz. Theres no config file and I can’t run make on it

libreoffice is in the repos. Just install it from there.

sudo pacman -Syu libreoffice-fresh

Generally speaking, when using an Arch-based Linux distro the best way to install software is to get it from the repos or from AUR.


Yup, definite XY Problem.

RPM is a RedHat Package Manager package file, so that’s for a different set of distributions.


Thanks for the tip, ig rpm is for redhat and deb is for debian. Thanks for all the help tho

AUR? Any good community repos?

I think you’re stuck in the “Mint” way of thinking.

Expand your mind. :wink:

(But there’s also


AUR is the Arch User Repository. It is where the community can submit packages.

A few points:

  • Generally speaking, you should avoid 3rd party repos on Arch-based distros.
  • The included Arch repos are quite a bit larger than on some other distros
  • When you can’t get something from the repos, AUR should be your next stop

ye ig, Mint was really easy. Run apt for all your packages or double click on a debian package

You can so the same thing here using yay. It will install packages from both the repos and AUR.

Just type yay package and it will search both and give you the options.

Once you get used to it, I think you will find it substantially easier. No need to add repos or search the internet for software.


I’m not sure what “ig” means (except as a prefix meaning “not”, as in “ignoble” and “ignore”).

Arch also has a package manager that does the exact same thing: pacman.


ig meant I guess. Sorry for the confusion tho

This is a web forum so you’re allowed to type full words. You don’t have to type faster than the surrounding chat. :wink:


Keep in mind that a large number of our members are not native English speakers and use translation tools to communicate. Those kinds of abbreviations will make it difficult for them to understand your posts.


Sorry, will note next time. I usually don’t use forums often.


Heh, plenty of people use this one just because it’s pleasant to be here, not because they need help. Also, if you stick around you’ll end up learning things by accident. :grin:


Yeah, this is true. EndeavourOS forums are a lot better than others.


First expand with tar xvzf <file>.