Does anyone have experience with XPPEN tablets with Linux?

Greetings Fellow Humans, Human fellas!

I’m slowly learning 2D digital drawing. Now that I’m finally graduating highschool, I thought it would be time to upgrade my 7 year old Wacom Bamboo tablet.

The tablets I am considering are the XPPEN Deco, Pro Medium, Deco 03, the Deco 02V2, and if non of those have proper driver support, the Wacom Intuous Pro(37USD WTF).

What I want to know is that do the included drivers have support for custom key bindings for the buttons and dials these tablets come with?

Are there any feature omissions they have compared to the Linux Wacom Project, which has full control over the tablet?

Finally, does the wireless bluetooth mode for the Deco 03 work on Linux?

I can’t seem to find any relevant information about these questions on the web. I’ve sent an email to XPPEN but they haven’t responded yet.

If anyone has answers to this question, I would love to hear them! I seriously do not want to spend the high price of the Wacom Tablet.

Thanks you all for helping me.

Happy holidays and stay safe.

Edit: XPPEN finally replyed and sat that the Linux drivers have most if not all of the windows drivers features. Case closed folks!

Have zero experience of using tablets myself, but my advice would me - make 100% sure that whatever you choose works & function exactly as intended with your program / Linux :upside_down_face:

I assume you use something like Krita - it would be a good idea to ask there as well to head direct experience from artists :slight_smile:

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That’s… Why I’m here! I’m pretty sure the driver includes keybinding support, I’m just paranoid that it won’t and I’d have to waste 100 dollars on a tablet I can’t use.

I know, but that’s what i mean - multiply your chances of getting answer :slight_smile:

There’s a whole community of artists only, ask there too :wink:
A lot of chances to stumble upon someone with direct experience :space_invader:

P.S. Btw thx for that topic, coz otherwise i would never know they have such cool forum in there :upside_down_face:
Here’s whole section for tablet support even

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Xp pen.mayby not top but works ootb here but mayby there is always bettere lol

Now this is weird.

When I contacted XP-Pen. They game me a link to a gDrive archive of the XP-Pen tablet driver.

The driver is a .sh installer and uninstaller.

From the UI, this looks like the newly redesigned UI. We will call this driver the “New UI Driver”

The weird thing here is that this driver is nowhere to be found on the XP-PEN website.

On the XPPEN Website, they provide 2 drivers for linux. A standard driver, and a beta driver.

The standard driver does not install a new program. The .SH file just runs the driver. From the looks of it, the driver is only enabled when the the .SH file is running in the background. This is the same driver as the one in the AUR. Though the AUR version breaks my Kvantum theme. It says something about QT path not set blah blah blah. Thankfully though, the AUR version seems to properly install the driver as an application.

The beta driver doesn’t even run.

I’ve asked XP-Pen about why the New UI Driver is not available on the website, and when the New UI Driver will be available on the website.

I will update you guys when XPPEN responds.


I didnt installed a driver

? Ok. I was just talking about the EMAIL XPPEN sent me

I put my tablet in usb starting gimp or tuxpaint whatever krita and it draws

Ah yes. I think most Wacom compatible ones just work with the Linux Wacom project drivers

in aur xp-pen driver offcourse atleast my xp-pen star03 pro works ootb…not needed a specialdriver atleast…


The new drivers I received from support will be on the website un a few weeks. Says XPPEN Support.