Does anyone have experience using Optimus-Manager with an AMD iGPU + Nvidia dGPU?

With the amount of time I’ve spent on Linux(closing in at 1 year), you would expect me to get proficient with this stuff… sigh.

Greetings Fellow Humans, Human Fellas.

I wanted to ask a simple question about setting Nvidia optimus on a potential laptop.

I’ve been eyeing on the Tuxedo Computers Polaris 15.

It comes with a RTX2060(or 2080) with a Ryzen 4600h(or 4800h).

Looking at the ENdeavourOS Wiki, this, and this, and finally this
It seems that most of these guides(apparently outdated) are tested to work with Intel iGPUs. Would these methods also work with AMD iGPUs aswell?

I’m pulling my hair over this stuff because this is the first time I’m manuall setting up optimus on a Linux machine(Pop did the work for me), and there seems to be no documentation with AMD iGPUs(since they are newer).

I just want to make sure that it will work before purchasing an Nvidia Laptop. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just have to get the Pulse 15(no nvidia).

Thank you for helping this paranoid teen.


–haha pls kill me–

I would say use this guide . Read through it as it makes a difference which desktop for optimus-manager

Yes. That’s the wiki page I linked in the post.

I just want tk make sure if this method also works with AMD iGPUs.

I don’t know. This is on the ask antz page.


GPU offloading and power management with Nvidia cards are not properly supported on Linux (though there has been some great progress recently), which can make it hard to use your Optimus laptop at full performance. optimus-manager provides a workaround to this problem by allowing you to run your whole desktop session on the Nvidia GPU, while the Intel/AMD GPU only acts as a “relay” between the Nvidia GPU and your screen.

This is essentially a port to Archlinux of the nvidia-prime solution created by Canonical for Ubuntu.

To learn more about the current Optimus situation on Linux and how this solution works, read the Home Wiki page.

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Ah. I’m an idiot aren’t I.


Nope. Not at all. Humans make mistakes; males don’t read manuals; all the cliches. But I have to say, for a teen, that it is a remarkable effort that you would do the research first. I applaud that, and wish that there were more like you. Just watch the self-talk…that sort of stuff can make or break you, particularly when you get to my venerability! Stay strong @SuppaMan :grinning:


Yes .

Up until recentrly you needed needed a fork of optimus manager specifically for AMD … That has now been merged into the master branch.

FWIW I have the 4800HS with 1650ti .

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Thanks. This is reasuearing