Do you spoof your browser user agent ? Is is important for privacy?

I am using multiple profiles under Firefox. In one of the profiles I have implemented the arkenfox custom user.js which reports my installation as Windows. The other profiles that I am using report my system as Linux 64 Bit.

Do you spoof your browser user agent ? Is is important for privacy ?
If yes then which addon is the best for this ?

I use LibreWolf, it does the spoofing for me.


I tried LibreWolf for a brief period. I was told on reddit that the arkenfox custom user,js is even more strict than LibreWolf. Now if that’s true or not I have no idea.


That’s true, however LibreWolf does also some stuff during build stage, which is impossible to turn off with just custom user.js (for example cutting Pocket out of code)


User privacy is a personal preference. Some will desire more privacy more than others. It is possible to increase security to the point that it begins to interfere with some sites.

Personally, with FF, at a minium I would use uBlock Origin, a random user agent extension, an extension to automatically delete cookies upon tab closure, and probably CanvasBlocker (fingerprint blocker).


I use user agent spoofing just to get around company corporate policies that prevent Microsoft account authorization from Linux.



I’d just add uMatrix to that list, so that you can control XHR and cross-site scripts.


most of the time you dont want to spoof your user agent as it makes you stand out. Youll have your browser identify as a different one and the fonts, features supported, etc. wont match that browser so youll stick out like a sore thumb if privacy is your concern.

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Unless the user agent you use randomizes the data.

Websites get information from more than your User Agent, your user agent is just a string identifying your browser and i dont know of any user agent extensions that are capable of completely randomizing all of the available data to websites through your browser or any that really do that. This is a mostly “yeah but IF” scenario and not the real world.

User Agent Spoofing is good for getting around certain restrictions but it has no use for privacy as it makes you easy to ID as someone doing weird things.

This has been abandoned.

Still works, but the author is spending all their time on UBlock Origin instead. One day it will cease to work, I’ll keep using it too until then.

Shame because

All cross site assets can be controlled in a granular way, with a simple point and click, one thing UBlock Origin severely lacks.

Chameleon is a good user agent spoofing addon, although it is much more than that in reality. It includes spoofing of audio context, client rects, timezones, font fingerprint, keyboard protection … and a whole host of other privacy protections.

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