Do you love Linux, if so why?

So many replies made me laugh. I agree with all the reasons :slightly_smiling_face: everyone gave.

Because my passion for Linux is so big lol I’ve been asking myself for a long time, what is it about Linux I love so much.

You know one thing I’ve realised in life is that it really is difficult to analyse yourself.

Maybe I love the learning, maybe I love the achievement at the end or maybe it’s because Linux was there for me when I was living a nightmare and helped keep me sane lol.

Thanks for all the replies guys, really didn’t expect that many replies.

Definitely interesting to hear everyone’s views.


I like how snappy Linux runs on old hardware. I like how little resources it uses. I like how small the iso file is and how quickly it installs. I like how it doesn’t harass me about updates and when I do want to update, it’s lightning fast from the terminal. I like the astonishing variety of distros. (I was a manic distro-hopper from 2018 to 2020 and still didn’t get to try them all). I like how convenient it is to use LUKS encryption. I like having many different kernel and file system choices. I like that I can carry it on a USB stick on my keychain and boot it anywhere. I like that I can move a Linux SSD or HDD from one computer to another and it boots and runs without any hiccups. I like how fast it runs in VirtualBox or KVM.


Writing this on mid-2011 Mac Mini.


I use Linux because it has exactly what i need


I love linux because of its free as in freedom and also its free as in price. The fact that you don’t have to go scouring around the internet for a shady exe file just feels very good. Also, the customisation is just a french kiss. Imagine paying for wallpapers on windows? Its lightwight nature and its ability to revive any laptop also is a defining factor. I remember thinking that linux was this terminal only beast that only hackers could get.Like most people, I grew up with windows but I’m very open minded when it comes to aesthetics and how my computer functions. Also, the bloat advantage on linux is just crazy; and linux doesnt force you to upgrade to the latest version and doesn’t go out of its way to make your computer slower if so. Also, what if I don’t want M****soft Copilot? What if I don’t want Edge? What if I don’t want spotify, telegram and all that stuff preinstalled? Personally I’ve tried to debloat windows but it didn’t end well, but we don’t talk about that. Finally, I don’t care about the gaming. I’m not a PC gamer but I sure am a console gamer :rofl:

I also use it to boost the market share :wink:


anythings better

Is that true? I haven’t used Windows 11 yet, but is that really somehting you need to pay for now?!?!

Yeah, if you want animated wallpapers and some scummy wallpapers on windows you’ll have to pay 3.99 or something for “Wallpaper Engine” on steam. There are literally free tools on the AUR/Arch repos right now that can do the same thing. (oh yeah also its been around for windows 10 too)

I’ve changed my wallpaper on Windows 10, no problem and it didn’t cost me anything. This must not be something required.

yeah you can change your wallpapers freely on any windows but for a slightly (I mean slightly) better experience with animations you’ll have to buy that. And windows youtubers treat it like a gift. Just use linux already xd

I’m sure you can find it for free.

But, I wouldn’t bother, I don’t really care/look at wallpapers that much. Except for the debianosaur, I love looking at that wlalpaper. I will open my laptop and just leave it on like as if it was a photo frame and just look at it. It’s so great.

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yeah, wallpapers are really just images but debianosaur is very good looking.

It isn’t. Wallpaper Engine is just a tool to create and have animated wallpapers on Windows. It has a large number of these animated wallpapers that usually eat up RAM and only look cool for the 15 seconds you spend looking at them when you first them on, at least for me. One thing I will say is that a lot of people there put jiggle physics on anime girls and because I’m a weeb, I approve that

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If I can see my wallpaper (or even a screensaver) there must be something wrong… :zzz:
Before starring at those pixels, I prefer to take a look outside. Or walk in the park. :wink:

I might rustle some feathers here. I’ve used all 3 Windows, Mac, and Linux distros (Linux is a kernel, not an OS). I don’t like Mac or any other device from them not because I have to spend money I’m not too fond of their products.

Now to the other two platforms I use. I don’t know why some people hate Windows. Yes, there are privacy issues but in this digital age, no one truly can be anonymous unless that person controls almost everything.

I do use Windows and it can be customized to mitigate most issues including privacy problems. Vanilla Windows does come with bloat but we can trim it down without totally bricking the system. The method is called playbook. Anyone can create one and add what you want and what you don’t want. It can be scripts or software. Then run it. Or we can use a prebuilt playbook from a verified source like Atlas OS. This playbook brings Windows 11 RAM usage to around 1.2Gb. Another thing it makes Windows boot faster and very responsive. It also fixes a tone of issues vanilla Windows has. Also, these tweaks can be reverted any time we want without breaking the system or jumping through a ton of hoops. One more thing this also fixes Windows updates downloading unwanted stuff like feature updates or driver offers.

Windows doesn’t allow the amount of customization a Linx distro provides because it’s still a proprietary platform and they have their tech in there. But Windows 11 can be customized to look better just need to learn how to.

Windows doesn’t need an antivirus now because Windows Defender does a better job than most AV software. No need to have a 3rd party firewall as well Windows inbuilt is much better now and there free tool that we can use to manage it.

Nowadays Windows ships with a PM known as winget. But there are other good ones like chocolatey or scoop. So, no need to run around searching for xyz.exe anymore. Just winget install <package name> or winget search <package name> would get you the needed software and install it.

This is true. It’s not for the wallpaper but for the animation engine. But there is a free and open-source counterpart. It is called Lively Wallpaper. I’ve used it, need to have a good GPU to get the best out of it though.

There are always malicious attempts at every system. Does everyone remember the XZ supply chain scenario? It was caught by a Microsoft Engineer. The problem with Windows is the platform is the most used platform and it’s a unified platform. The vulnerabilities get discovered but unlike in the Linux world, consumers have to wait till Microsoft fixes them. Most of the time they do release patches pretty fast.

I’m not saying Windows is great but it doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting. I could go on but I’ll stop here about Windows.

Now why I’m on a Linux distro? Because I like this platform too. My reasons are not privacy (I don’t believe anyone can be private unless that person is truly from Annon), not having viruses … etc. I just like being on a different platform. Other stuff is just bonuses. The other reason is I like using Endeavor OS.

Do I love Linux? Yes, I love the Kernel. Why? Give the ability to anyone to create their distro built around it.

A better question would have been “Which Linux Distro you love and why?”. Anyway, finally any system will have its issues nothing is perfect. So, no need to spew hate on system X over system Y. Any system that can make my work easy is the system I’m going to like.


I love Linux because it gives you Freedom of Choice in almost any aspect. Diversity is King, always.


Does winget have a range of software though? And I am going to say off the bat that winget is probably not used by most people on windows, so they will still have to have a trip around the internet to find xyz.exe.

Well, it’s relatively new not everything is on there and the concept of a PM is new to the Windows platform. But most are getting there. Most use chocolaty it has a wider range. Sometimes we also have to install some stuff by using scripts when it’s not in the AUR. Nothing is perfect. Both winget and choco are gradually being picked up by the users.

IDK (nix hehe) if you were meaning to reply to me but I’m gonna say that I agree. Users are gradually (very gradually) moving away from .exe frenzy and moving to chocolatey scoop and winget. I think those tools will eventually have its recognition and users. Though “package”-wise linux will always have its lead. I mean I’m pretty sure GNU/Linux was the first system to have packages as we know them; so we have a lead of like 30 years on windows PMs. Not to mention AUR, chaotic AUR and more repositories; more time, more variety of software available.

I’m not sure how software gets added onto winget choco etc. but after some time I think there will be an assortment of malware on there, like everything windows-related.

They already had this issue, mainly with choco. Now developers have to get verified and installer files have to carry hashes that are verified before starting the installation. But there will always be security issues.