Do you know of a way to find the true host of a Cloudflare CDN proxied website?

As the title says, does anyone know of a way to find the true host of a Cloudflare CDN proxied website?



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that would make the CDN useless. Only possible when the hoster wants the origin to be found. Or by legal action that forces the CDN to provide the hoster data.

I was hoping some old DNS records would’ve existed but no luck.

Was worth asking. You never know until you ask. Nothing is impossible.

It’s possible, but all existing tools that i know to work are currently…“broken”

P.S. And yes - Cloudflare is absolute cancer.

CrimeFlare? :rofl:

It’s not me officer, i dinnt do nuffin!


P.S. It’s not my cocaine!!11

Fact. For years they have repeatedly protected neo-n websites, for example KF a site know because they do harassment, doxxing, smear campaign ect… Multiples peoples have taken they’re own life because of them.

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That i don’t care about, it’s better for neon-notzees to gather on some websites in a broad daylight, infested with feds (and likely created and lead by :rofl:) anyway…

However what i really care about - cloudflare spreading around petty much all websites, like Goolag did back in a day, because they offer some nice automatic anti-ddos solutions and stuff.
Biggest impact it does - it’s impossible to use with Tor, unless Cloudflare site owner explicitly allow it…and of course they never do. So it’s main enemy of freedom right now, and it spreads across even the most milquetoast sites ever.

P.S. For instance, as a music fan i can’t open in Tor because of that crap…seriously, WHAT?! :exploding_head:

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I’m with you on that but when they arrest pos that commit crime (still waiting for them to do anything).

For your 2nd point, everyday i’m blocked by multiple cloudflare protected websites :rofl: They clearly got the monopole.

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Yeah…Although let’s be fair to feds - sometimes when they create a neon-notzee gang and it’s something like 50 out of 50 members are feds…they have to do something right…? Like commit some crimes for fun and games, so some very stupid asshole would probably maybe join as 51… :rofl:

Yep, and don’t think for a second that they don’t cooperate with feds, exactly as any monopoly…Goolag comes to minds :upside_down_face:

Haha yeah that a real problem for them :sweat_smile:

What? You don’t want to reroute you selfhosted website with them ? :rofl:

I die inside when i see peoples using them for accessing they’re home-assistant or jellyfin instance for example.

You nailed it.

I came across a very disgusting racist and hateful website that has no place on the internet, not even the dark web. Wanted to send a strongly worded letter to the actual web host but it looks like that’s going to be a challenge.

I’m all for free speech but this content is just pure disgusting and takes it several steps way too far. To heck with CloudFlare for not setting a better example and drawing boundaries with users who use their proxy service.


I follow peoples that have fight for removing the website i was talking about. This take years (2016/2023) to finally have a real answer from Cloudflare and for them to stop protecting them (hiding the webhoster ect). In the meantime two more people died because of them. Sad stuff tbh. Now the website is hosted in Russia, so nothing can be really done…

Sorry but i doubt that all by yourself you can do anything :slightly_frowning_face: I know that some countries have platform to signal this type of content but by experience nothing come from them.

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Wow that many years for a result? That’s insane.

The age of the internet really has presented some extremely complicated challenges. I am not in favor of any legislations to police the internet. I just wish corporations would just de facto do the right thing on a case by case basis.

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What make me boil my blood is that fact that the Canadian police/FBI know they exist because multiple members (including the admin of the site) caused the swating of one of the people that was militating to remove them from CF by sending letters to government representative in the country of that said person.

They impersonated her and explain that she killed her mother and will do the same to random peoples. Cops obliviously have taken that seriously and decided to swat her. Since cops found two people with her name in the same city, they swated both at the same time.

She now live with PTSD resulting to this experience. She had to leave her country because she is afraid that they will come to her IRL to harm her (they already send her picture of them, close of where she was living at the time).

Canadian cops did nothing in the after match. Not even forcing CF to reveal who was hosting this website (that contain messages that explain how they have planned to do that and more).

Since they are mostly American on that site, the FBI was also contacted.

Sorry its a bit long but i feel like CF is not enough taken responsible when they could have taken action but did nothing.

Im with you on that. Its complex for sure but they are laws (even international one), crime is crime even if its on internet. Companies like CF should be forced to report crime and take actions that are in they’re control.

@Nomad @GolDNenex
Don’t be naive guys, of course Cloudflare cooperates with feds, despite what they claim.
Pirate sites get taken down when they need, also some hackers like this, or maybe you seriously actually think that feds in any country doesn’t have something like crimeflare but actually working 24/7? :rofl:
They can penetrate even Tor if they really want to, and we’re talking about clearnet.

There’s only 2 cases when they wouldn’t take down something like what you’ve described:

  1. It’s runned by feds
  2. The actual hoster is somewhere in Russia, China, North Korea or wherever they can’t get their hands on (which shouldn’t prevent them to stop the actual criminals in other countries committing crimes, ain’t it?).

Ask yourself honestly which one is more likely :laughing:

No you’re not :joy:

As much as i despise all that <insert-coin>-socialist crap…speech is speech, it can be as disgusting and vile as it gets, and it should be free, because otherwise no one else will be by definition, we’ve seen it time and time again…

However when things in real life happen, like the ones @GolDNenex mentioned - it has nothing to do with speech, it’s violence or real world crimes, and should be met with extreme prejudice and opposing force.

And again, in case like that you just have to ask yourself why all those Canadian :clown_face: forces of feds hasn’t stopped / found those guys by now…with all the mass surveillance, face recognition cameras and other tools they use to oppress practically everyone “law-abiding”…forgive my cynicism, but i think the only plausible answer is pretty damn clear. And only people who actively and strongly doesn’t like it can stop this and force their hands to stop.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, so to speak.
Criminals are not the real problem here, nor it is the technology, it’s the “reaction” on crimes, and even more the differential reaction on different types of crimes committed by different types of people, pretty much worldwide.
:clown_face: :earth_africa:

My point to be clear is that corporations with a digital platform should handle these cases the same way storefront businesses would. I mean, what’s the difference, really? One is digital and one is brick and mortar etc.

Your local private business wouldn’t tolerate that nonsense for fear of their reputation being tarnished, and also just to do the right thing because no one wants to hear other people’s garbage. All I’m saying is the digital square should be handled the same way but because it’s digital, and you can’t even reach someone by phone often times, they have this unorthodox approach.

I definitely am a free speech absolutist, but I also at the same time can complain and hope that a private business would do the right thing. After all, that’s what digital companies are. They’re not public squares just because someone like Elon Musk declares Twitter to be, let’s be real. Half of the users are trolls and bots.

Oh, that’s your presupposition…
I disagree in terms of that there’s a difference between private company or corporation (digital or not) and something like provider or Cloudflare (love it or hate it)…

Cloudflare is much closer to something like an infrastructure of the internet, if i were to compare it to something of the real world - it’s electricity provider. Therefore in ideal world of Platonic forms, it shouldn’t be touched by anyone or shouldn’t censor even someone you really don’t like.

Real criminals should not be refused to have an access to electricity, nobody should…they should have full electricity access in jail, instead. :rofl:

That’s not of importance, of course billionaire can’t make actual free speech site just because he wants it, for political reasons, not ideological though…

P.S. Mark my words - there will come a day, when Cloudflare will be one of the main tools of censorship, exactly as Goolag.

Just for a context on how much absolutist i would go :rofl: :

Mainly because i’d rather talk about something like Bezmenov’s lectures freely… :roll_eyes:
On a linux forum!!!1 :rofl: