Do I "really" need TLP for a Desktop?

Ok–I kind’a get that TLP is a power saving thing for laptops, but using systemd-analyze blame I see that it takes the longest time of all my services to start—790ms. My real question is for a desktop that needs to run 24/7 crunching BOINC–is TLP hurting my output?

No you do not really need TLP.

I believe when it reconizes AC power it defaults to a performance gov. and doesn’t limit anything though…
Personally I would can it…I use a laptop and I don’t even use that thing.

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Sometimes you do

Thanks!!! I don’t have any spinning drives–so away it goes.


For Desktop/AC that makes sense, for laptop though, if configured right, you get greatly increased battery life from using it. Of course there are other tools you can use for the same purpose, it doesn’t have to be TLP.

ya for sure.

I use powerprofilesdaemon as it is integrated with GNOME shell and community work has been done to patch in fan curves for my laptop with the profiles.

I do stop using TLP on Desktop here too, but I do use thermald and currently searching for something that could be used per a lean default to prevent from overheating, if user do something like building kernel or browser from AUR, what can cause heat or system poweroff caused by overheating…

tlp prevents wakeup on LAN. That is the main reason for me to not use it on my desktop PC.


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Ya–my system is so very overkill on cooling–so I’m not too worried (using this air cooler for my CPU-- ) Keeps my LGA 2066 I7-9800X @ 55c under full load. I’m just looking for ways to lean-down the system to use as little resources as I can…I know using Gnome is “contrary” to that, but I’m looking for unneeded stuff like TLP…Any other thoughts anyone?

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