Do any of the MPV settings related to image quality actually improve anything?

I messed with some high quality settings and shaders but my eyes don’t see any difference. Not in a way that says “this 720p clip looks like 1080p+ now!”.

Maybe I expect too much from the filters, but so far my general consensus is that whatever it improves, is not visible to my eye and the quality improving filters are not worth it.

I hope someone can correct me wrong. What I tried to do mostly was some of the up-scaling stuff without success.

I tried some high quality premade configs from git, some tweaks from without any noticeable success.

I guess shitty quality video remains shitty. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to agree with you. You just can’t make a 720p video look like 1080p.

However, I have anti-aliasing built into my eyeballs, so anything above 1080p is an overkill for me, I just can’t tell the difference. So take whatever I say about video quality with a grain of salt.


Not sure about specifically mpv, but technically you can get somewhere, that requires either some serious AI non-realtime, or very serious hardware for visible realtime…

Is it worth it?

Depends on a lot of things starting from algorithms and your hardware power, as well as source material.

You can find some interesting results with non-realtime AI for sure:


That is some good AI algorithm. I guess we need to wait a few more years before we can do it in realtime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree 1080p is good enough for me too. Don’t own any 4k stuff currently but eventually that will be the norm i suppose.


If your monitor is 2k and the video you are watching is 720p, with some high quality mpv upscalers ( like RAVU ), you will get a noticeable difference in quality.

However, 720p to 1080p difference will be less and it also depends on the source material.

For best quality, if your hardware can support it, you can try out different things. If your hardware is limited, use as good a luma upscalar as you can handle. RAVU-lite is a good choice. Chroma upscaling is nowhere near as important as the human eye is far less sensitive to changes in Chroma/colors ( counter-intuitive as it may sound ). mpv’s own built-in ewa_lanczossharp is excellent choice as cscaler.

Also to improve quality, you may want to use motion interpolation. mpv’s own tscaler oversample or SVP. But you need mpv with vapoursynth support to use SVP.

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