DistroWatch Ranking for 7 Days

I was just bored and checked the rankings for the last 7 days. And well EnOS has passed Majaro. With somewhat of a lead too.



Oh my goodness! Hallelujah!



EndeavorOS is described as a terminal-centric OS which implies that, by default, it is minimalistic and only bundles software packages that users will ready need to get off the ground. These include the Firefox browser and basic drivers such as graphics, sound, and network drivers. Just like Arch Linux, there’s no bloatware or unnecessary apps.

Perhaps the most outstanding thing about EndeavorOS is its warm and vibrant opensource community that comprises developers who are always willing to help you in case you get stuck. There are active Endeavor Forums on Reddit, Telegram, and other online platforms.

Thu Aug 05 2021



Are we ? :thinking:


Again that “beginner-friendly” remark. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah. :roll_eyes:
But they got the “terminal-centric” right at least. :wink:
Always something! :sweat_smile:

It’s because EnOS uses a graphical installer. If EnOS used TUI then they might write as it’s not for the beginner. EnOS is targeted at the intermediate why? because it’s a shell there’s nothing beginner-friendly about it which most people including some reviewers don’t get. Because EnOS has a pre-configured DE and users a graphical installer. Which makes it beginner-friendly automatically.

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The writer obviously didn’t use it, the description is an extract from the website with a little bit of creative writing in it.

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Putting aside the general value of distrowatch rankings, the 7-day numbers have little to no meaning.

A distro can have an article published or a release announcement and will jump up for a short time.

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Anyway people will get to know EnOS what ever reviewers say. According to Google trends EnOS is at 30 above EnOS are all the older distros but people are talking about this good distro. Vanilla Arch is at 5 or something that was surprise.

All publicity good publicity?

I’m not really complaining and we’re talked about, that is a very good thing.

@s4ndm4n I really had to look up Google trends, but when I saw the warning that I didn’t use a modern browser (Firefox) and that I had to use Google Chrome, I let it be. :wink:

Is this a thing that a lot of users use, Google trends, I mean? To be clear, I’m not mocking you, this is a genuine question from my side.


Some amusing points about that article

  • The top 6 list includes 7 distros
  • Arch isn’t one of them
  • Bluestar linux is on the list which is interesting because it has no website and no community
  • Based on the article text, I am forced to wonder if the author even tried any of the distros on the list

Indeed, well perhaps he did try Bluestar and somehow I think he used Manjaro also.

This one did really gave EndeavourOS a test ride:


Interestingly, Arch gets the highest average rating on DW:



I understand, I also didn’t know about it until I saw it on youtube. It’s actually a list of google search trends. Trends are most used by researches and marketing people. I’ll try to get a link to Linux distros that’s actually understandable.

@Bryanpwo here is a list compiled by a user in reddit.


If you have a system with NVIDIA GPU, you have all the reasons to smile as Endeavor OS ships with non-free NVIDIA drivers preloaded into the kernel.

Wau… i do not know how we have done that … :crazy_face:


I didn’t find EndeavourOS from google. :rofl: