Disk not found

I followed the Btrfs encryption in the wiki and it worked fine for ages but suddenly it’s showing this20201121_132029 I’m I can restore from a live system but what’s gone wrong

It’s just the password you typed was wrong . Happens a lot to to me . Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete . System will reboot and enter the password :innocent:

There was another thread with the same question I think .

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Oh I not sure if it was the password I typed it like 5 times after reboot nvm though its randomly started working again.

Appreciate the help!!

As @Hystrix wrote, you get thrown to “grub-rescue” if the password you provided doesn’t match. You only have one try. it’s what happens when you typed in the wrong password.

If you want to have another go from within grub-rescue, read this. I also prefer the ctrl-alt-delete “method” though.