"DISCOVER" is blank

I had installed EndeavourOS a few hrs back, and using pacman guide, installed “discover”. On opening… I get all Blank… as per screen-shot. I had also updated:

Please help me to solve this problem… I am relatively New to Computers; but know using various software within the OS… Thanks

hello, packagekit-qt5 or packagekit is installed or not

Hi JR29, thanks… I had downloaded, after updating… and confirming "all are upto date. Then used pacman lists, where Discover was no.5 … and downloaded the same… On retrieving… It shows "No application back-ends found, please report to your distribution… Now what?

do you have the package or not

I have not installed all of the packages… but only Discover… from a list of 50 or so

The following packages were seen… but installed only DISCOVER
Repository extra

  1. bluedevil 2) breeze 3) breeze-gtk 4) discover 5) drkonqi
  2. kactivitymanagerd 7) kde-cli-tools 8) kde-gtk-config 9) kdecoration
  3. kdeplasma-addons 11) kgamma5 12) khotkeys 13) kinfocenter
  4. kmenuedit 15) knetattach 16) kscreen 17) kscreenlocker
  5. ksshaskpass 19) ksysguard 20) kwallet-pam 21) kwayland-integration
  6. kwin 23) kwrited 24) libkscreen 25) libksysguard 26) milou
  7. oxygen 28) plasma-browser-integration 29) plasma-desktop
  8. plasma-integration 31) plasma-nm 32) plasma-pa 33) plasma-sdk
  9. plasma-thunderbolt 35) plasma-vault 36) plasma-workspace
  10. plasma-workspace-wallpapers 38) polkit-kde-agent 39) powerdevil
  11. sddm-kcm 41) systemsettings 42) user-manager
  12. xdg-desktop-portal-kde

packagekit is dependance, your installation was not done with the last iso

I had installed the Latest OS from Distrowatch… a few days back: endeavouros-2019.12.22-x86_64

did you install online or not

I downloaded the ISO image… and used USB Live installation

did you see that or not

No… My installation was from the USB live booting… and it installed, based on my inputs about partition, place etc… almost automatic

you went from xfce4 to plasma

I did not make any such inputs… the installation was automatic…

the DISCOVER software was installed using Command Terminal

I found the solution… by command line sudo pacman -S packagekit-qt5 … Once installed… I got the DISCOVER… all in full operation… :smiley:

Hello @pvhramani
Looks like you did the offline install which is xfce desktop only. Discover is part off KDE Desktop i think? If you installed by clicking on the Icon in the task bar that is only an offline install. You have to use the installer that is in the welcome app in the middle of the screen. Once you launch it you have to select online install. Then you go through the steps to select your language and location you desire and the partitions and then you get to select the desktop of your choice to install. Also select printing support and if you have Nvidia video card there is also Nvidia drivers. If your hardware does not have Nvidia video card then you don’t select it.

The online installer has Xfce also but has all the desktops to choose from that are available with the online installer.

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he made a Frankenstein

Well it may work in Xfce i don’t know but discover is part of KDE Plasma desktop. So yes it is mixed software which why i don’t like installing multiple desktops.

I agree with you, here I test cinnamon

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