"DISCOVER" is blank

On Cinnamon you have to go into preferences, effects, and turn off window effects otherwise it messes up the welcome app where it becomes transparent and you lose half of it or most of it when the cursor is placed over it. Also you can right click on show desktop, configure and select peek at the desktop on hover.

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thanks for the advice


Is that the Nordic theme ?

arc dark

The issue with Cinnamon desktop and window effects doesn’t happen to the welcome app in v-box as it is running in software mode sans 3D. It’s only when installed on bare metal that the problem exists and it is on all my computers with different hardware. But once you turn off window effects it is problem gone.


hi @ricklinux and @JR29 … thanks… My message was blocked last time due to crossing number limit per day… I could solve my problem … as mentioned above :smiley: I am not well versed in Computer know-how… learning… Thanks Best wishes

Hi , welcome ar endeavouros.

Linux can be a fun thing. Having discover is not necesary a monster desktop.

Packages mostly also need depencys towork properly, gtk and qt are the ying and yang if the linux world as kde and gnome. Discover is the opposit if gnome software, it takes lot depencys from kde. Configuring a kde app in gtk enviro’ment can ne a pain offcoursz because you need qt5ct working, but you wil learn in time offcourse because its fun
Gnome software is also not that light weigjt :upside_down_face:. Apper is the qt yang if gnome-package kit
Xfce is also just a gtk desktop but flexible
Have some fun !

Hi @ringo… Thanks… I am a learner… and as you have mentioned… trying to “enjoy” the “Fun” and beauty of Endeavour Liniux system. I reinstalled… and this time the Desktop is KDE… Learning… to operate/change/add :smiley:… Thanks again

My first apearance on arxh based system had do.some reinstall cause the knowlzdge, also sometimez reinstall cause my own thing but these time fixing it cause my osn thing goes much better :+1::sweat_smile:

:smile: :+1: