Discord repo vs flatpak?

I’m a member of a couple of servers that like to use various emojis in some channel names. I noticed that the repo version of Discord can only retrieve about 10% of these (the rest show as a boxed X or as a UTF code). though it seems to be 100% on in-channel emojis, even in usernames. The flatpak seems to be 100% on both, though I’m sure by using a flatpak I’m probably giving up some compatibility somewhere. Anyone else experienced this and have a workaround besides switching to the flatpak? I noticed this happens in Chrome too, which I found a bit interesting. Might not even be fixable but I figured I’d put it out there as an FYI if nothing else. This is a GNOME setup by the way, if it matters.

There is a search function on this forum in the top right (magnifying glass icon).

Searching for "discord emoji’ brings up the following thread that was solved.

Perhaps that may help you.

But also, always search before asking. Thank you.


I did search, that thread didn’t show up.

EDIT: it also didn’t work. So maybe there’s a reason it didn’t show up.

EDIT AGAIN: It requires a full log-out and session recycle to work. quitting and even killing the app doesn’t do it.

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