Direct Connect

Are there any versions of Direct Connect client that are easily available on EOS please? Well, any except AirDC.

maybe you will find it here

Thanks for the link, however, a friend pointed me to the AUR packages, there seem to be some versions in there … when i can work out what to reply to the choices the yay -S offers me. DONE

Is my eyesight going or is there really not a yes or continue option ?

GTG, first package (well, it was just a script) installed so about 10 screens of output to try to understand.

Plus the second package (the DC++ i vers i selected) i’m installing has already produced about a thousand screens of even less understandable output.

Do you all really read, understand and check all of this output?

Thanks again for the link @pycrk

Can you post the output, it’s better for understanding

“post” it. who to?
and postage costs here in the UK are quite expensive…
plus, think of all those trees.

i meant show your output here in the forum :roll_eyes:

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His Holiness, Pope Francis PP. 00120 Via del Pellegrino Citta del Vaticano

And start praying for a quick fix :wink: :sweat_smile:


It’s already gone past @ pebcak
Plus the vers i installed seems to load ok. However, i haven’t set any of my “values” or tried using it yet though…
I was joking about the boosting Royal Mails’ profits however, i would be concerned about posting any large amount of output in case it contained personal details. Let’s be honest, when you post that sort of data even a much smaller amount can be time consuming to check for personal info - espec when you’re not 100% sure about what you’re seeing when you’re new and/or not techie.

No, you can of course just click “next” (or press Enter) when installing things on your system. You’re the only one to blame if/when things break or don’t work, however.

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Yes @jonathon obv that’s very true. However, when dozens and dozens of screens of output have just shot past you, it is rather difficult to read it - regardless of what you might want to do; think you ought to do; know you should do.
And that is assuming you know what you should be looking for - which of course someone new to the distro (especially) quite probably does not. Ditto someone who doesn’t have eons of time on their hands.
Hence me asking …

Maybe that is precisely why someone in another post i was reading, on this forum, was asking if there was a GUI. I suspect what he actually needed was a significantly easier way to see if it was safe
(reference to Marathon Man there)

Is this the same as Direct Connect?

Edit: It say’s Direct Connect Client

More context is needed here - at what point does this text appear?

If it’s happening after you select the AUR package to install then it could very well just be compiler output.

Hi @ricklinux,
thanks for your reply.

It says “DC protocol”, so i suspect it might not be the client, plus, it says licenced for BSD so it also might not work, or might be hard to get working, on a flavour of Linux. Not saying it won’t work but would prob be a lot more work than just taking one of the one’s in AUR which can be found by searching for “dc++” and/or “dcpp”. Beside’s, i’ve never heard of it whereas i have heard about, and even used it on occasion, over many years.

I’ve gone for Eiskaltdc++ … not my fav but it’s stable and has been updated regularly in the past.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Jucy is a client for the DirectConnect protocol.

It was the “further” output from the install (“yay -S”) command @jonathon
Yes, the compile, etc.

Way back in the days when Cobol was king i watched programmers run compiles. Some used a mass of options and produced hundreds of pages of output. Others produced one or two pages. These were “batch” jobs run on mainframes and in the very early days from punched cards.
The guys with the huge prints would then spend hours ploughing through their output. The guys with the short outputs could see enough to fix their first error which they corrected and then re-submitted. Those guys got 3, 4, even 5 runs at fixing their progs while the others were still reading the output from their first run, although they would usually be able to see more than one error per run.
Nine times out of ten it was the one’s who submitted the least number of jobs who would take longer to produce a working programme.

In the same way, i would have thought that the majority of people simply want a did it work or fail message.

Sorry if TDLR

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