Difficulties booting into live image with RX 6700XT

I managed to get my hands on an AMD RX 6700XT graphics card for a very affordable price, and I got an ASROCK X570 Taichi motherboard with it. Not a big fan of ASROCK, but X570 seems to work well with Linux.

However, I am having difficulties booting into a live image to install EndeavourOS on this new computer. The boot process just hangs at

:: Triggering uevents...

I remembered from some time ago that this was common with AMD cards, and that setting nomodeset Kernel parameter fixes this. Not in my case, I do get a bit further with boot, but the X server won’t start.

I’m too sleepy at the moment to think clearly, having messed around with this for several hours. If you have any suggestions, I’d be very grateful.

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AMD flawlessness with Linux is a little bit overrated :grimacing:

P.S. DDGoogling haven’t gave much info

Have you disabled all the Secure / Fast boot crap on your new motherboard? :upside_down_face:



Have you blacklisted nouveau?
Are you on LTS Kernel?

Check this out:

You need linux-firmware-git from the AUR and mesa-git from the AUR for the screen glitches you get after you have a working graphics cards from installing the linux-firmware-git package.


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None of that helped. I even made a vanilla Arch install and installed linux-firmware-git and mesa-git from the AUR. I just can’t startx. I’ll figure out how to get a log file and post it here.

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doesn’t @Elloquin have an RX6700XT too?


I do but I am running to work be back a lil later. The issue is the iso image lacks the latest firmware which came in may I believe. (April iso) @joekamprad could they try a dev iso?

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Hmmm…wonder what firmware it is then, since

Arch + git should be latest?

What I ended up doing was (same card same mobo) was too install a freshly burned arch iso and that would boot. A short time later a dev iso came out for testing EndeavourOS and that booted as well.


Yes, Arch ISO boots to TTY, and Arch installs fine, but I can’t start a graphical session. Just TTY.

There is no hurry, as long as we get this solved eventuallyTM. I’m at work now, too.

I’ll try the dev EOS ISO.

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Not enough Taichi :wink:


Some progress, I managed to boot the latest dev EOS image, X session is started (Good Lord, I was never in my life so glad to see so much purple! :purple_heart: ). So it works, the new computer is not just an overpriced potato. Excellent!

I can’t install EndeavourOS from this live image, unfortunately, as its calamares is broken (missing file /usr/share/calamares∕settings.conf_online).

Nevertheless, that is good news, as it means everything can work, there is no hardware issue, and I simply botched my vanilla Arch install (though I can’t say for sure where, since I’ve done this a dozen times before and I didn’t do anything different).

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are you using the latest dev iso?
if so there should be a starter on the bottom panel to start calamares

edit: make that 2 launchers @Kresimir
1 to start offline install, and one to start online install


Just installed EndeavourOS, with KDE, everything seems to work fine. Marking your post as the solution, because finding that calamares button on a high DPI screen was the most difficult thing of the whole process :rofl:



Alrighty, glad it worked out!
Enjoy your new beast of a system!

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What have you got that RX6700 XT paired up to? :rocketa_purple:

Edit: Ryzen 5950? :laughing:

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Ryzen 9 5900X

I was thinking of buying a new PC for ages now, but I had a pretty decent desktop (with really crappy graphics), so I postponed it and postponed it for a few years. Then the hardware prices skyrocketed and I gave up.

But then I got a really great deal for this configuration and I just bought it on a whim. It cost me just under $2000 (with a PSU and a Samsung nvme drive).


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