Did you find a better window manager? :)

a question for all the i3 and sway window managers users :blush:

these are the best tiling window managers that you used, or did you switch to others tiling windows managers after trying i3/sway?

(until now I’ve always used only i3/sway)

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I switched after something like 5 years and am now using spectrwm.
I am however considering dwm and the whole suckless toolchain, but I am waiting to find stuff I dislike on spectrwm first so I know which patches I need.


I prefer spectrwm as well. It “feels” a bit faster to me and the configuration is super simple. The only issue I’ve ever had is making polybar show on all the workspaces instead of just ws1. Otherwise it is great.

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The best tiling WMs are DWM and BSPWM. I have both (on different machines). They are similar, depending upon the patches you use on DWM. It’s a matter of choice. If you enjoy recompiling to add capabilities to your WM, then DWM is ideal. I have tried SPECTRWM but it doesn’t work as well as the other two, IMHO. In the end it’s ‘horses for courses’.


i3 user here. Seeing all the awesomewm rice over on reddit, every now and then I feel like switching to awesomewm. I try, but I get weighed down by lua. I switch back to i3wm. Hardwork is not for me. :laughing:

I like i3wm because it is easy to configure, and easy to get started with. Bspwm and DWM are cool too.


@Kelaun @BassNinja
spectrwm is really faster than i3?
because I consider i3 very fast :upside_down_face:

please, can you list the reasons why you prefer spectrwm over i3 :slight_smile:

I have no measurable way to say that it IS faster than i3, just that it feels quicker to respond and that apps seem to open a bit more quickly. Spectrwm is also very easy to configure. I was able to begin making changes without documentation because the config file just makes sense. Having said all that, I’ve tried bspwm and awesome as well and they worked very well; just not as intuitively.


I recently did another install with i3 and find it great. Definitely easier to use than I thought.


For me it was all about the multi-monitor support. I prefer the way spectrwm handles it. I can open any workspace (a tag) on any screen without needing to use keybindings like in i3.


Window Manager Hopping Series’ Articles

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This is definetly not the wm for tinkers but i really enjoy using instantwm. Its still in beta and being developed by paperbanni among othes

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How much of it is configurable?

Edit: just installed it on my old pc… not my cup of tea tbh

Not much its a bit like the deepin of wm. Prettyish and built to work out box.
I guess if somekne wanted to get into wm they coukd start here?

I don’t like it how every time you click on the desktop, that app launcher pops up…

Also, when you open the top left menu, and you go to settings, it opens a menu on the other side of the screen, it’s like following the ball in a tennis match :sweat_smile:

Experienced some graphical glitches too, but I’m not taking that into consideration, since that machine is running on nvidia graphics.

I know this is still very early material, so I am curious how this will evolve.
Probably wasn’t something for me in the first place either, since I’m more used to configuring my WM myself.

Glad I gave it a try though :slight_smile:


I think its meant to act like krunner in plasma though i wish it was a keyboard shorcut.
It does have a ton of features like the graphical settings and instantAssist thing but yes i agreee its probably not the best organised but certainly a contender for people who like stuff working out the box i.e me​:joy:

In that case I’d rather install a distro with a preconfigured WM like we have here with our I3 version, or Arco / Manjaro’s I3 version…

That way you at least have the option to tinker with it, even if you don’t need to.

But that’s just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Give it a break though it’s beta and rapidly developing :upside_down_face:

Maybe it will grow into something cooler and bug-free :yum:


so I’m not allowed to say I don’t like it, because it’s in beta? :wink:

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Sorry missed that one. need more coffee! MORE!!! :laughing:
I’ve meant in terms of bugs of course :wink:

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Make sure you take that in tiny shots of espresso, coz it seems you need the boost :joy: