Did System76 just hint at a possible Arch+PopOS in their latest video?

Exactly. For this reason alone it doesn’t make sense for them to do crazy amounts of developing and supporting two bases. I mean maintaining a full distro is already a huge overhead for a hardware company. I expect them to give up on Pop_OS! at some point, when this position proves untenable.

Interesting. I thought Ubuntu dropped 32 support a long time ago. Oh well. Peppermint was one of the few that worked on my old MacBook, I guess I assumed it was Debian.

They did. Peppermint 10 was based on Ubuntu 18.04.

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Fair enough then. It’s not a distro I’d ever use regardless. I’m more surprised to learn that it was based on Ubuntu than it now being based on Debian.

Linux Mint is heading in that direction, too, even though they are rather timid about it. However, there is no doubt that they regret choosing 'Buntu as their base.

Buntu has changed a lot over the past decade or so. You don’t see many new distros based on it nowadays, because it’s obvious now that it is a flawed foundation to build upon. This was not the case some 10 years ago, however, when it was the most popular distro and the most appealing choice as the base for your new distro project.


LMDE has a little ways to go before it’s as fluid as their normal release. But I 100% agree with your statements. Snaps have been a very divisive thing for LInux. It’s like vaccines, or politics, or anything that paints a clear divide between folks. We’re seeing it happen more as Ubuntu seems to be all in on snaps. I think others who have no interest in pushing snaps are going to continue to separate themselves more from it.

Thankfully, we still have a choice (with regards to Linux at least). IMO Mint will be better off in the long term, even if it involves minor regressions.

edit: Arch Mint variant. . . Hello! hahaha and back on topic.

Seriuosly though - EOS Cosmic? It could be coming.


I see your point and agree System76’s goals would be to protect their bottom line as easily and efficiently as possible, but I also wonder now if Arch packages are always newer than say Ubuntu, what about Fedora? This is all hypothetical of course, but I wonder if not Arch, but maybe a Fedora (rpm? ostree?) base might make more sense, unless using a Fedora base would case the same problems as an Arch base you think? I don’t typically see a lot of distro based on Fedora often, but there are a few out there for sure.

Most likely not. Even though I am fond of PopOS, I started using EndeavourOS before Cosmic was released. I have tested Cosmic in a VM here and there though, but no extensive testing, just casually messing around. My experience is that for my own workflow I simply prefer the default Gnome experience plus a selection of extensions that I find useful to me. What Cosmic provides by default kind of turns Gnome upside down or maybe more accurately sideways for me. I haven’t tested Cosmic recently, so they might’ve changed or fixed a few things, but I don’t think that would matter so much these days as I’ve just gotten used to doing things the Gnome way for the most part.

I was impressed with Pop_OS for the average person. Everything was laid out nicely, and I think it’s a great interface for folks who may not be so computer savvy.

I’m also enjoying GNOME, but it’s cool to have new players in the field!

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There are a couple of users who bought new system76 machines and have EOS running on them.


Fedora has a different set of challenges. They tend to implement progressive features before almost anyone else. They have had pipewire as default for almost 18 months now. Wayland has been the default with plasma for the last two release cycles. The get very new packages at the time of each release. On the other hand, things like kernel versions get released more methodically than on Arch so it is more stable from that perspective.

Gnome, on the other hand would be a big problem for PopOS!, at least currently. Fedora times it’s releases with the Gnome release cycle and gets Gnome releases very fast. Often faster than Arch. That means extensions are often broken with each Fedora release(They ship a mostly vanilla gnome experience).

Fedora also doesn’t offer an LTS version. Their releases are supported for roughly 13 months.

The ostree-based desktop variants(silverblue/kinoite) are difficult to work with unless all the software you use is available as a flatpak. They are interesting projects but I have never been successful in using them long-term.

Just for the sake of clarity, I am not trying to speak badly of Fedora here. I run Fedora as well.

There have been some in the past but I am not sure there are any currently active derivatives other than all the spins offered through the Fedora project. Do you know of any?


Thanks for the clarifications there and no worries I don’t think you spoke bad of Fedora at all. If EndeavourOS/Arch were to cease to ever exist, Fedora would be my go to distro. Last time I used Fedora I had a few minor bugs pop up, that didn’t happen on an Arch-base. And last time I tried Fedora 35, I couldn’t install it, though I think at the time that was more related to an nvidia bug than a Fedora bug.

Ultramarine was released in late 2021 of December I believe. It’s a Budgie focused DE with Fedora as it’s base. It’s very very new, so there’s not much to go off of at the moment, but it’s basically Fedora with Budgie, and while I do like Budgie, it’s current development away from GTK/Gnome is not a path that I want to personally take, but I will follow along with curious eyes for any future developments because you never know what may surprise you sometimes.

Here’s the official website for Ultramarine. I’m gonna check out the iso in Boxes myself, but I think Tyler Tech did a video of it as well if my memory serves me right. (here it is - YouTube video link)

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Interesting, they offer 4 DEs, Budgie(Flagship), Cutefish, Pantheon and Gnome. I will have to try it this weekend.

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I think you might’ve missed this from post #11 :sweat_smile:

This is what I think is the most likely case

only wanted to validate … user at telegram posted the pic…

manjaro porting because they can :slight_smile: