Did anybody checkout ZorinOS?

Today I installed ZorinOS in a vmware. ubuntu based with gnome and zfs support. I have to say: I love the look&feel and I love the fact that it is supporting zfs during installation.

This is with zorin taskbar per default. I like it a lot. I always use dash-to-panel anyways. And root is on zfs. I would love to have that on Arch as well.


Ok, that is impressive. Other than that I don’t see anything unusual about Zorin.

Having root on zfs is easy
The actual thing is a tool needed for all the zfs functionality to be exposed.

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The other day I tried the new pop_os and 5 minutes in I was annoyed with the fact that I would have to start looking for crazy ways to install packages and then immediately said screw that I miss my arch repos and AUR. So I would picture this being the same scenario.

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Yep, that’s my favorite Buntu spin, as it’s themed very well and works like clock.

Problem is…i use Arch, btw! :joy:

The taskbar is unusual. Specifically the application menu:

I installed

gnome-shell-extension-zorin-taskbar 1.4.4_all-1
zorin-desktop-themes 3.4.3-1

But the taskbar is incompatible. So I did not go further to try the theme. The theme is probaly not much usefull for gnome42 anyways. I am more eager to get this taskbar working.

I used Zorin, and yes, it is very good, but it broke very badly when I tried to customize its looks (I don’t remember exactly what I did tho) it’s a good distro for beginners, but a bit limiting for others.

I totally agree. I only checked ZorinOS for look&feel and zfs support.

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Yeah that is what made me curious about pop_os because I think they have the coolest looking version of gnome out there.

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To me, the Zorin Taskbar never seemed that different from a combo of ArcMenu and Dash-to-Dock.

I actually really like Pop_OS oddly enough.

Flip side, I’ve never liked a zorin I’ve tried. I’m sure it’s good for folks, but many of us are here in Endeavourland because we’re not really “zorin” or “it just works” people.

I mean, Windows just works. . .


If Arch/EOS died for some weird reason fedora or pop_os would be my distro. I really like what Pop_os has done with gnome and can’t wait to see what their new DE will be like when it comes out. Heck if I could get the pop_os setup on arch(I tried once and it didn’t work very well for me) I would consider running it just because I like it that much.

I won’t think down towards nihilism. If Arch is gone. I’m cashing in my life savings (like $10,000USD) and I’m just going down in a hail of hookers and cocaine. I won’t fathom life without Arch.

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Well, the good thing is the old girl is 20 years old and more popular than ever, so I don’t think there is much chance of arch dying any time soon.

I like Zorin but it isn’t Arch. :wink:

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