Device not booting up after disabling the HDD

Hello Everyone,

As you all might know that my previous topics included conflicts b/w hdd and ssd, now after the previous topic, I disabled HDD named sda after suggestion of @ricklinux . But now device is not booting up and is showing that it failed to mount sda. How should I proceed?

Looking at your /etc/fstab from the other topic here>> System trying to boot from drive which doesn't have root partition - #9 by PhoenixAwakened
you have a number of entries for partitions on your hdd.

I think you would need to comment them out. You could use a Live usb, mount your system partition and edit /etc/fstab as root.

Will my old live usb of Atlantis Neo will be of use ?


Okay, I am going to find up that usb…

From disabling, I meant that I completely formatted the HDD as there were no useful items there.

Also disabled hdd from BIOS menu.

Then you could completely remove all those entries referring to the patitions that no longer exist on your disk.

How should I do ?

  1. Boot up your live usb
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Run lsblk to identify your system partition: /dev/sdxy
  4. sudo mount /dev/sdxy /mnt ## replace x and y with their actual values
  5. sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab
  6. Remove all the entries referring to the non-existent partitions
UUID=46994f1c-f1a8-4687-a5af-6ebe09e30798 /mnt/sda1 nofail      ext4    defaults,noatime 0 2 
UUID=77d462a0-1576-4eed-b18d-bbafea04c24a /mnt/sda2       ext4    defaults,noatime 0 2
UUID=9c09fd9d-f36b-42b6-9ca5-bfeb6219d0e5 /mnt/sda5       ext4    defaults,noatime 0 2
UUID=23c7fa5a-28fb-49e3-854a-638bfec7844c /mnt/sda6       ext4    defaults,noatime 0 2
  1. In turn, press Ctrl-O, Enter, Ctrl-X
  2. Reboot.
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Somehow, my usb is lost.

Is it possible to do the above steps from emergency mode which automatically comes up after failed boot process?

I guess you would need remount your root as rw:

mount -o remount,rw /

Then nano /etc/fstab and the rest as per above.

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What should I do here ?


Do you mean that I should remove the lines which are for sda ?

Weren’t they the partitions on your HDD that you formatted?
So they are not there anymore on the disk.
Then you would need to remove those entries.

I removed them now, and system booted up. Thanks for your extreme help.

Now I am back to my first issue which I had faced when I came here.

You are welcome!

Please consider checking the solution box under this post >> Device not booting up after disabling the HDD - #9 by pebcak

And enjoy your revived system :wink:

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Yes I am aware of it. But something is remaining hence, I didn’t marked it up still. Though, your idea is solution. I am waiting for fixing in once and for all.

This is the topic :

Now if I do this :

Then I will be back to the position from where you rescued. So … ?

You can’t just copy and paste those commands.

You would need to adapt it to the new partition scheme on your HDD (new UUIDs) and perhaps new mount points etc.

The solution in principle should work now as well.

So should I adopt that solution with newer UUIDs then.

Also, will there be same issues like this after that ?

Yes. And perhaps to new mountpoints if you make different ones.

No, I can’t see why it should if done properly.