Deluge heads up

Had 181 updates today and after a reboot Deluge wouldn’t launch. I ended up having to uninstall Deluge-git and install Deluge 2.0.4 and Deluge-gtk 2.0.4 before it would wok again. I’m just posting this as information for anyone else that might have a issue with Deluge after today’s updates. This was on EOS Plasma.

I did updates today as well and have no issues with Deluge, I guess your mileage may vary. Not sure what would have caused the issue you had but I had better luck…

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Good to know. Thanks

Moving python up a version notch will always cause problems.

If it is an aur package, usually a clean build with yay will fix it.

I don’t tend to build unless I have no other choice or if I know the build files are better.

That is what you are doing wrong you need to learn how AUR git packages work also all AUR packages


@Elloquin why build if you don’t absolutely need to?

See Normal Reasons

BTW, I use qBittorrent, it’s in the Arch Linux* repos.

*which, BTW, I also use.


BTW i use pacman to update my system and install packages! :innocent:

But don’t tell nobody :shushing_face:

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I said if you don’t have to, which implies the installer is working just fine and just needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled or simply replaced with another installer.

Your statement makes no sense. What is this installer you keep referring to? An AUR helper?

Building an AUR package (ie makepkg) and installing this package (ie pacman -U) are completely different. The distinction is fundamental. AUR helpers integrate these two separate actions for convenience.

As for running git AUR packages, which build up to the latest development source commit, this is not something I’d recommend for someone that doesn’t really understand how AUR or package management dependencies work.


My statement is perfectly fine and you know it.