Deleted Trash folder accidentally

I had selected the Trash folder and accidentally hit the Delete key on my keyboard.

How can I get the Trash folder back?

Which desktop environment are you using? Did you delete it off the desktop or in the file manager?

I am using Cinnamon, and I deleted it in Nemo.

Unfortunately this is one desktop environment/file manager I have very little experience with. I will have a look around for an answer for you though

Thanks smokey. As an extension to your answer, is there a reason not to use Cinnamon, and to use another DE instead?

No real reason that I don’t use it. From what I have heard it is a great desktop environment to use.

OK, thanks, that at least outs my mind at ease.

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Where abouts in nemo did you delete it? Off the side panel? I don’t seem to be able to delete it off there. Out of curiousity if you send another file (create a blank file) to the recycle bin does it reappear? I’ll keep trying to find an answer in the meantime

OK, I had 2 instances of Nemo open, which I did not realize. In one of them I deleted Trash from the sidepanel. I just closed Nemo, then saw the other instance with the Trash folder still there. Just to make sure all is OK I closed that instance too and reopened Nemo. Trash is there. Phew!

My apologies for having troubled you. Thanks a lot for your help.

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You’re welcome, on KDE I can’t delete it for some reason from the side panel, I might have been missing something though.


mkdir /home/$USER/.local/share/Trash

Or I guess you could right-click on something and choose “Move to Trash” from the menu.
The folder should be recreated.

Ah, I missed this :blush:

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I did not realize I could recreate the folder this way, so you made a good suggestion if it ever happens again. Mind you, this is the 1st time ever since I started using a computer (36 years ago) that I do this.

Thank you and also thanks to @pebcak for your help.

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Mind the trash-cans! :rofl:

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I wholeheartedly recommend installing trash-cli. It’s a wonderful, command-line trashcan interface.

What does it do or, more precisely, how/in what situations can I use it?

It does everything you’d expect of a trashcan interface. You have commands in the terminal with which you can trash stuff, empty the trashcan, restore stuff from trash, list stuff in trash…

The only thing I dislike about it is the word “trash” – sounds very trashy, to me. I prefer the word “rubbish”… :face_with_monocle:

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What about your neighbour’s trash-cans though?

That seems like a long way round: clicking on the trash rubbish icon is much easier and you can do those same things as through the cli. No?


Install nnn and then you won’t be touching a GUI file manager anymore :wink: