Deleted Trash folder accidentally

Venturing even further off topic:

I have lived in three English-speaking countries and have encountered these terms:

  • Trash can
  • Garbage can
  • Rubbish bin

… and these polite alternatives, which may refer to refuse receptacles (my own made-up term :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) that are usually located indoors:

  • Dustbin
  • Waste paper basket

Oh, I like that one!

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Litter bins?


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Hi @Klaas-vaak, you can mark the post that solved your issue, so others can find it later. :white_check_mark:


There was no issue, the OP mistakenly believed that Trash was deleted, while in reality, it was not.

So no post should really be marked as the solution, the @moderators should just close this thread, in my opinion.


So it was, after all, a case of false littering :do_not_litter: :rofl:


It was indeed. OTOH, starting this thread was a case of real littering, for which I apologize.

I don’t mind using the cli as I don’t have that newbie fear of it, but if a GUI is available I do prefer it to the cli.

I know. That was meant as a “joke” with reference to the previous posts. Not as a suggestion or the like.
I use Nemo myself and quite pleased with it.


Oops, sorry, my sense of humor failed me. I am glad we agree in that I am not missing something essential.

Thanks for your help and the banter :slight_smile:

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No problem!

Communication is about negotiation of meaning, interpretation and understanding the intention of the parts involved.

Communicating across a platform like this, using the written words and perhaps across language and other “barriers” and stripped off all body language and facial expressions makes it hard sometimes to understand the intention behind the message.

And particularly humor is not that easily “translatable” no matter what emoji or how many of them you use.

I think in this particular case, the outcome of the negotiation has been rather positive.

Have a nice day @Klaas-Vaak!

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Cheers, same to you.

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It’s ok @Klaas-Vaak We like to have some fun while getting to the serious business of :enos_flag: :grin:

Wait till the psychedelic clown gets busy :clown_face:

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It’s been a while since I’ve used cinnamon, but I believe it’s in the settings. Desktop icons maybe?? I think it used to be a toggle switch on and off.

I looked in the settings (preferences) but it does not seem to be there. Anyway, the issue is solved.