Delay yay/pacman updates!

After the infamous Grub issue many users had recently.

I was just thinking, is there a way to tell pacman/yay to update/install the package(s) only if it is at least 48 hours old?!

Something like this will put us on the safe side and not installing something that breaks the system or has serious bugs.

As far as I understand, Manjaro have their own servers, where they pull packages a little bit delayed… when it is already tested and no serious problems with it.

Maybe there is a way to do something similar through yay/pacman?

First of all, Manjaro still shipped broken packages in their repos at times.

Second of all, can’t you just, not update until everything is 48 hours old?

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I know… I am not saying it is better than us here…

I think if I delayed the yay -Syu for 48 hours it will bring with it what was updated 5 minutes ago as well! Right?!

What i am thinking of is like testing the package date and decide accordingly.

It is theoretically possible to do so. There are instructions in many posts on this forum describing how to do so if you want that.

However, you would have to manage it very carefully yourself or else you get the same problematic package 48 hours later.

IMO, it isn’t worth it.


Partial upgrades are unsupported! Period!

yeah, if you want smth that’s delayed as a side effect go to openSUSE tumbleweed, they put everything thru their openQA thingy.

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I assume if it is a seriously problematic, it would be withdrawn or fixed in less than 48 hours…
I am just thinking loud with you.

It wouldn’t matter. You would be grabbing the packages from two days ago. Even if a new package is created in the meantime, you would still get the old one.

Me, leave my home here…?! Why should I?
I am just trying to find a way to make EOS even better.

delaying upgrades on your end doesn’t make it better lol, im just saying.

Also other boot managers/loaders exist. I was wanting to install rEFInd, but after the GRUB issue I said, I’ll install rEFInd so I don’t have to avoid rebooting…

Maybe try @jonathon’s repos? I’ve never tried them personally

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To be clear if the question is “Can I do this myself?” the answer is “Yes”.

If the question is “Will EOS do this?”, the answer is “Definitely not”.

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Yeah, we aren’t gonna be Manjarno clones lol

I understand the moment I yay -Syu if it finds on the server version x.y.00002 and I have only version x.y.00001 it will get the new one for me even if the new version was uploaded 1 minute ago!

Not if you are using repos that are 2 days old. It will get the latest package you ask for. However, if you are asking for packages that are two days old, it will get the most recent package that is 2 days old which could be the broken one.

No way! Why should we?
I am enjoying it here though.

To be honest, this is the first time in two years that I’ve seen an update cause the kind of trouble and pain that the grub issue has created. I have two main tips for limiting the pain and suffering of errant updates…

  1. I update a few times a day, whenever I have a minute, on my not-daily-driver. DON’T DO THIS. On my daily driver I need to be able to get work done consistently, so I wait until the end of the day to updates. This leaves me some time in the evening to address any issues I can sort out and gives me time overnight for the community sort out the bigger issues. There is almost always a work around or fix provided overnight.
  2. Keep a relatively current EndeavourOS bootable USB handy. It’s a good way to be able to boot in an emergency. If you haven’t had to chroot several times to fix stuff, you might want to keep a printed copy of instructions handy. Having these available can be real life saver.

You can avoid a lot of the pain by planning when you apply updates. If I have time critical work to do I put off updates. For me this avoids 99% of the stress of bad updates.


Older packages remain on the server? If yes then there is no point in my suggestion!

It depends how you implement it but fundamentally, if you want packages that are two days old, you need to have access to older packages for that to work.

The only way to avoid that, would be to manually manage repos the way Manjaro does. We won’t be doing that. It fixes problems but causes new problems.

Honestly, this feels like a knee-jerk reaction to an issue we haven’t even fully determined the root cause of yet.


You are right! And even better update before weekend (though you might spoil your weekend if something happens!)

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