Delay yay/pacman updates!

You are right!
I was just thinking if there is a way!

manage repos “manually”? No way I can think of something like that… no matter what!

This is a highly technical solution, so bear with me while I explain.

  1. Decide the amount of time we wish to delay - let’s go for 48 hours.

  2. Now we set an ALARM - assuming that it’s Friday 26th August, we set our alarm for Monday 29th August.

  3. When the alarm goes off we run ‘yay’.


Just curious is there a “bullet proof” boot loader (sort of), I know in software there is nothing bullet proof. I mean a stable/simple boot loader that is not subject to lots of issues by design.
I have read about reFind and how "reliable it is. I read something about a systemd boot loader… but I have no clue!

I care about something that can handle snapshots (BTRFS), single OS (EndeavourOS)

Maybe as a cron job? lol

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rEFInd can chainload into grub for the btrfs snapshots. it seems that there is

3) chaotic-aur/refind-btrfs 0.4.4-1 [installed]
Generate rEFInd manual boot stanzas from Btrfs snapshots

I made this proposal yesterday… as a joke :clown_face:

The current bug with the grub update has still not been fully identified and confirmed, and it’s a package from the Arch repos anyway. So delaying by 48 hours would not spare you.

The suggestion of @yum13241 to try openSUSE Tumbleweed is not a bad idea. It has its own idiosyncrasies, but requires less user management overall than Arch/Endeavour.

I am enjoying it here mainly because of the wonderful community.

I do not believe in “following” others… following means you will nefer be the first… you will never be the leader!

What I hope for is brainstorming to get even better and others follow.

I agree with you. Also zypper is actually quite good, except for the atrociously long time it takes to refresh mirrors (i have openSUSE tumbleweed on a very weak PC, so it might just be the wifi card being crap).

depain apt users will especially feel at home

sudo zypper dup OR sudo zypper dist-upgrade


also the OBS has more binaries than the AUR ever will.

and while YaST might be a selling point for some, I alr troubleshoot using Qwant and Yaukake anyway. It’s more of a Just Works ™ distro.

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Others here run different distros to :enos: All are welcome :hugs:

yep. even manjaro users are allowed here. Recommending Manjaro isn’t :rofl:

:openSUSE: should be an emoji here lol

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I have been there… and… with all my due respect… well… OK if you say so!

Yeah I used to use Manjaro. when a redditor told me it was bad, i researched their claims and believe them. I installed endeavorOS and at first regretted it (loss of cool theme and such)

Now I’m here, and I’m liking it.


Linux isn’t perfect and it may have some issues after an upgrade on all distros and we all know that arch and derivatives could get them anytime, but the best thing of it is that there’s communitites where you can find the solution, some times you just need to downgrade a package, but some times, you need to run additional commands / installs to really solve the issue.

Yeah, every package should be tested at first, but nobody can guarantee that a broken one go to stable repos from time to time.

So, the real question is if you can live with these possible issues or not. Delaying updates is not compatible with rolling release concept.

My first distro was Debian / Ubuntu based and it were pretty stable but not “free of issues” at all, in fact, I’ve found EndeavourOS much more stable and I’m applying updates almost daily. So, I can live with the “danger” of getting a broken package, knowing that I’ll find a solution even if offending package is still on upstream.


I feel that this is going OT


The ABCs of software development or software in general… bugs are a main ingredient…
But honestly… since I quit Windoze since 2000, I never looked back.
Simply because windoze is broken most of the time… while Linux is working most of the time.

You are right… it just happened… sorry!

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