Delay kernel 5.10?

Obviousliy there are some problems with the latest kernel (at least with other distributions). It looks like some Intel wifi chipsets are causing serious trouble (iwlwifi). Are there some similar problems known in Arch?

iwlwifi: Kernel 5.10 fails to boot with workqueue lockup

Kernel 5.10.1 problems?


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also this ( btrfs )

also bluetooth
and may be audio

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Make always sure linux-lts is installed en working* :slight_smile:

if something happend you always to use your system with lts.



5.10 has been a clustermess, which is not great for an LTS kernel. A lot of 5.11 backporting will be required to fix.

Not just regressions, but serious regressions that can break systems and corrupt file systems (ie F2FS).

5.10 also reinforced why I will never use BTRFS, I just don’t trust the ability of those developing and testing it. Big 5.9 performance regression, and a further 2000% performance regression in 5.10. No thanks.

Some people new(ish) to Linux are under the illusion BTRFS is a stable, production ready CoW FS equivalent to ZFS … it is not. Not by a long way.


At the same time Fedora has officially moved over to Btrfs as of Fedora 33 and Suse has used it for what? 5 years now? And Suse’s users swear by it.

Besides knowing how much Fedora / RHL is involved in the upstream it is very confusing why 5.10 is such a mess.


…I installed it this morng, running Zen as default and LTS as backup now.

Because I’ve been using openSUSE for quite some time (still have it installed as dual boot) and I’m still kind of active in one german forum, I know some guys using openSUSE (Leap and Tumbleweed). I know it’s working very reliable there with Btrfs. openSUSE uses snapper as default (Btrfs as /, Xfs as home). The latest kernel (5.10) is already available in the kernel stable repository (has to be added manually for Leap). Will be interesting to see when/if issues will arise.
As far as I know issues, at the moment, are limited to Wifi.

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5.10.3 is now on Archlinux testing repositories.


I think I read today that the issues still couldn’t be resolved in 5.10.3.

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Here is 5.10.3 changelog:

or this

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Fedora are also defaulting to Wayland with their KDE spin, which is still a mess.

The issues are more than intel wifi, which has been serious enough.

like fedora going into btrfs is just simpel more people more issues more work :slight_smile:

I’m using arch testing as default on my desktop no regressions here :grinning:

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It was (again) the biggest release to date, and (AFAICT) as an LTS there will be a lot of changes pushed to try and have them in place ready for the next five years (or whatever) of maintenance.

The first few kernel point-releases always tend to include regression fixes. :man_shrugging:

You were lucky. :wink:


I am using 5.10 already since 5.10.1 and I have tested various kernel flavors, incl. linux-zen and linux-tkg-bmq. I have had no issue so far with ryzen and amd gpu.


Well i don’t run a laptops for my use and don’t run a latest desktop, nothing but problems but problems with the latest gear and Linux I have enough problems with my 16 year olds Lenavo. No need to be a masicist on my rig.


No need to rush to 5.10 as the 5.10.4-rc1 is quite a bit larger than typical maintenance releases. No doubt the holiday season delayed some of the changes, but I’ll definitely wait for 5.10.5 before updating! Besides, I’m playing with 5.11-rc1 on my baytrail.