Deepin - ToolBar Opacity

I have had EndeavourOS running for quite a while (about 9 months), i obviously update this regularly and haven’t had many issues (other than the initial Deepin V20 beta stuff) - i really like it!

I recently created a fresh install from the latest ISO on a separate disk to try out some VirtualBox stuff and on this install i noticed that the Deepin ToolBar is less opaque and looks much better (see below).

Compared to my older upgraded installation:-

I cannot find an Opacity setting anywhere for the ToolBar … therefore any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Enable this settings:
Settings - Personalization - Window effect

VirtualBox starts by default with reduced effects :wink:

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Thanks for your reply, i wasnt very clear … i’m not actually running EndeavourOS in VirtualBox i just created a new installation on EndeavourOS to play around with VirtualBox.

It’s a stupid thing but it would be good to understand why one install is different to the other.

They’re technically exactly same, it’s just Deepin assumes each time you install it on VirtualBox that VM can’t handle heavier graphics, so this settings i mentioned is Disabled by default :slight_smile:

Although it’s fine to Enable it, maybe a little laggyer but whatever :slight_smile:

P.S. Or if you mean on hardware - maybe Deepin assumed your hardware is too weak for whatever reason

I dont seem to have a Window Effects option ? (see below):-

Well…I don’t know then. Doesn’t look right!
Maybe they’ve changed something in Deepin…
What hardware are you on?

Can you run (it’s in AUR):

inxi -Fxxxz

Have you tested it lately?
I kinda quit after 15.9 :upside_down_face:

No I haven’t but the powers that be do disable the window effects from time to time. Last I heard they were working in forming some version / features of systemsettings.

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Looks ok.

Maybe Deepin is bad in detecting Intel GPU, and this setting moved somewhere…
Try to find something similar to that option in Settings

P.S. You can use code tag btw :slight_smile:

That would explain a lot, knowing how :bug: :bug: :bug: :bug: they are :rofl:

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On my new install i do see a Window Effects options:-

That’s a bit worrying … it’s seems that some components on my older install have got left behind somehow ?

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Perhaps, since it’s network installation and Deepin is not the most stable thing in a world, let’s just say…
But i’m not sure what’s that about :thinking:

Now you’ve piqued my interest. It looks quite a bit different than when I last played around with Deepin. The Deepin 20 is still considered beta (as far as I know) and seems to be undergoing quite a bit of development still.

Edit: Did they just release the final?

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In case anyone else has a similar issue the problem was solved with:-

yay deepin-kwin


Oh :laughing:
I was 100% sure that they use kwin out of the box now, seems it’s not always the case :thinking:

Anyway, glad you worked it out! :+1: