Deepin-kwin broke Window Effect


I just installed EndeavourOS (clean install) in my laptop with Ryzen 5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and AMD Radeon Vega GPU. My only DE is Deepin v20. I have all packages updated. Still “Window Effect/animation” is not working and I can’t even enable it from Control Center.

~/.configure/kwinrc showing:

Enabled= false
OpenGLUnsafe = false

If I edit the file and do “Enabled= true” - it automatically reverting back to “false” after few moments. Desktop effect completely gone after that. Even system reboot for several time is not fixing the issue. There is no Windows effect/animation at all.

So I removed deepin-kwin and installed legacy deepin-wm. It brought back Window effect/animation for now. A temporary solution.

Any other fix or suggestion? Why deepin-kwin is not get any update yet? (Latest one at Github is

Welcome! :partying_face:
And since you use Deepin - welcome to the world of :bug::bug::bug: :laughing:

Best place to check / report bugs for Deepin specifically is their upstream, usually they’re resolved quite quickly, but…

Well, here’s the bug it’s known, you can follow it:

It will stay on kwin, and there is some effort to fix support for dde-kwin (the plugin) with vanilla kwin but I am not sure of the progress.


issue already reported here: