Deepin 20 Arrived

Just updated to the 2020 version, and noticed a glaring bug, at least for me;
Right click the desktop, go to change the background or sreensaver, and all window chrome disappears; the panel and anything else running. By using the Ctrl Esc I can bring up the menu, but still nothing shows, so I reboot.
Anyone else getting this?

Yes, I’ve got this bug as well. I saw there’s some updates to deepin today but haven’t yet installed and checked it again

This new version was installed too early. Will use another desktop for now.

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Yes - I installed a 2nd desktop environment (Cinnamon) just in case this Deepin-UOS fails me.

In my opinion it’s best to have a backup desktop environment.
I still consider Deepin-UOS a beta!

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I’m hitting the background/screensaver bug as well, can someone point me at instructions for installing multiple desktop environments and switching between them after the install (i know the installer has options for this but i have my environment all set so don’t want to do a total re-install).

This was discussed earlier today:

Each desktop will install a session which you should be able to select from your display manager once the new DE is installed.

I am playing with it now. I don’t have any log in issues with authentication. There are some differences as to actions requiring root authentication however. If you want to launch applications like gparted, change clock settings, mount disks etc you need to log out of the current user and log back in as root. I don’t know if this is annoying or a welcome security feature aimed at average users. Back to playing…

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I am glad to see I am not the only one with troubles.

Megasync gives a segfault on deepin, any other program is giving this?

Can anyone clarify the best way to prevent deepin from upgrading yet allow the other arch updates? I’m concerned I’d miss a relevant package if I just uncheck everything with “deepin” in the list of updates…for example the login manager some folks have reported issues with.

It seems that the solution has arrived in the Deepin updates

I did a test in VM plus graphics bug

Wallpaper issue is still there though (for me anyway) … at least there is a workaround for that.

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It is probably going to be fairly impractical to do this. Since the beta of deepin v20 has now reached Arch stable. It is likely to be a while before it is actually stable enough to be fully confident in for daily use. Since EOS is rolling, the libraries that deepin is linked to are going to change over time and then the deepin packages will need to be rebuilt to support them.

As an alternative, I would consider installing a second DE if deepin isn’t currently stable enough for your use case. That way you can get updates and still have another working desktop

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I ran Deepin 20 in v-box on both my new machines and i get total freezing after a few minutes from starting it and have to cold boot. The old version is fine. Just saying.

I’m using Deepin on a daily basis and except the icon issue from yesterday which was solved by the update of the qt integration package I ran into no conflicts that disturb my working routine. Everything is running smooth.

I am only testing it but my summary would be that in it’s current state as of this moment it is mostly usable but somewhat flawed.

It certainly is working enough to be used to open and run apps. It still looks pretty but it seems to be less customizable than it once was. There are definitely still bugs here and there.

On mine it just freezes in v-box. Not sure if it was installed it would be okay but in v-box it’s not for me. This is also exactly the same on two completely different new machines of different hardware. One is Intel with Nvidia and the other is Ryzen with Radeon. Not sure if it’s v-box doesn’t like something but the old version i don’t have that issue.

you have no problem to change the wallpaper, I know, we don’t change every day