Davinci resolve not supporting obs video formats

whenever I load a video I recorded using obs into davinci resolve it loads nothing but an audio track, I thought this has to do with the video format but it’s the same with all of them*.

*flash video, matroska video, mpeg-4, quicktime, fragmented mp4, fragmented mov and mpeg-ts

Although i don’t use OBS, but as a general comment:
containers - doesn’t really matter (prefer maroska .mkv, because it’s foss and very extensible), what maters is codec that you use to encode a video / audio, to later embed it inside container (think of containers as something like .zip which is used to store multiple files and metadata)

So which codecs do you use in OBS settings?

“software x264” which appears to be the only codec available

Single codec…?
Something is clearly not right.

does this have to do with obs or my system? for audio there’s only AAC and opus if that tells anything

Although, x264 should definitely open in Davinchi resolve.

Hard to say, i’d say it’s either OBS or you’re missing some codecs, make sure you have those packages installed:


restart OBS and see if something else comes up

I installed the mentioned packages and nothing new showed up, I tried to download some stock videos and try it with davinci to see if the problem is from the editor itself, now, whenever I import a clip it only loads an empty audio track with AAC as its audio encoder and the video encoder is left empty, results are mostly inconsistent as sometimes davinci outright refueses to load the clip entirely.

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Not sure what to do here…we need some user of OBS and Davinchi :upside_down_face:

Have you installed Davinchi from AUR?

yes, when i first installed it i encountered an issue with detecting my gpu which i fixed by installing opencl recommended by davinci resolve checker


Check this out, looks relevant…
Read this wiki through, it might give few ideas.

the command works for the most part, I’ll take this as only a temporary solution as there are many complications within it until someone solves the problem, thank you for your time

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Well it’s not really a solution…it’s not right :upside_down_face:

I mean that:

In DR Free the MP4 containers are not supported.

Looks like Davinchi needs some of your cash then…or :pirate_flag: :parrot: key! :rofl:

As I said before the problem exists with all the “containers” obs provides, and apparently the studio requirement for x264 is exclusive to linux, not cool blackmagic :frowning:, best solution currently is to find a way to add other encoders to obs

does having an integrated gpu have anything to do with the encoder problem? ryzen 5 4600g specifically