Date dialogue from tray in two languages

When hovering over the tray date, an info box appears in german and english:Screeny
In my language settings all is set to german.
The “Thursday” is doubled, since it already says “Donnerstag” below.
Are there other places where I can configure this dialog?

Settings → Region & Language

Try setting German for time, see if it helps

Same here. LOCALES already had been set to German.

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In the language dialogue the time (and all other) settings are set to country “Deutschland”.
Unfortunately, in the language settings I don’t have any further options to specify some formats. Then I would set the year format to four digits (2024 instead of 24).
So I assume that there are other places where I can set this. I’ve found the mini program “digitalclock”, which probably shows this display, but I have no idea where to adjust the settings there.

You can set it via

RMB on clock → Configure digital clock → Appearance → Time display / Date format

Thanks. The settings dialogue for this was too small, so I didn’t see the scroll bar. :woozy_face:

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I think the hover dialog is simply not fully translated or adapted until now.
For a consistent translation, the “CET” should also be translated into “MEZ” or “MESZ”.
So let’s pass the buck to the KDE team. :laughing:

I don’t know, that would be really weird…german is a very popular language for that to be not fully translated… :thinking: