Dark Wallpaper?

Anyone has a nice dark EndeavourOS wallpaper similar to this one?

So you are interested in a black background and a centered EndeavourOS logo?

Yes :slight_smile:

Give me a minute or two :grinning:

What you offer with EndeveaourOS but minus the Gnome logo and black background instead of the colourful one

If you need another size than the one you gave UP just ask it ! :rocketa_purple:


Damn! Thank you so much :slight_smile: Did you have it with you?

Let’s see what @Elloquin brings as well.


This should be fine my screens are 1600x900

Sorry for bothering you but the letters are blurry maybe a higher res one? please?

Your’re too fast!


Btw who created the logo and what does the orange and purple thing imply?


Thanks I’ll try this one

Keep 'em coming ha ha ha

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That’s a keeper!

Which Resolution you want in 1600x900 px ? 120dpi or 150 dpi or more ?
Are you using 4k monitor ?

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Thanks @FLVAL but the 1080p one @Elloquin gavce worked. But I might upgrade my monitors so if you can give the highest res one If it’s no bother otherwise it’s cool.


This is really cool and thanks. Do you happen to have a black background one?

Edit: I mean the same logo but black background

Is there an official SVG file of the logo, just so I can stick it everywhere? :smiley:

I’m not entirely sure, but to me it seems to be a stylised image of a ship’s sail, since HMS Endeavour was a very famous ship. I could be completely wrong on this.


open gimp/ anyother … play with it , very easy to do :+1: